Action Comics #39

by Kalem Lalonde on February 05, 2015

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Various

Greg Pak has done a pretty good job with Action Comics post-Doomed. The series may never be as enjoyable as it was in its inaugural arc but maybe that’s too much to ask. Here, we see the conclusion of Pak’s third arc as he explores his idea of Superman’s relationship to death and fear. It’s quite the strong character study for Clark. As Pak suggests that even though Superman is extremely aware of the fact that everyone and everything around him will someday die, he won’t let it affect him. He has learned that although, things are dark, we will all ultimately see the dawn. And, alongside these ideas of death, Pak explores Clark’s vision on what saving the world truly is. I saw in this issue, that Superman, unlike many others, doesn’t believe that he will save the world. He thinks that the human race will save the world so he’s focused on saving individuals. Lana argues that it’s not about him saving one person, it’s about him saving the world. But that really isn’t what Clark believes and that is one of the many reasons that I adore this character. Aaron Kuder and Scott Kolins collaborate on bringing Pak’s script to the page and they both do a solid job. The transitions were obviously, but fitting in context. This is a Superman comic that shows a great understand of the character while providing great theories of depth on its own. Slowly, Pak is climbing back to the quality of the first arc. 

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