A&A:The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong #6

by Jason Laframboise on August 10, 2016

A&A: The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong #6
Written by: Rafer Roberts
Art by: Mike Norton and David Lafuente
Published by Valiant Comics

This issue is part one of Next Stop Clown Town story. Archer and Armstrong are travelling the country making their way to find Armstrong's long forgotten wife, much to his dismay. The two stop for food at a diner, and are confronted by 3 very Armstrong looking circus performers, who might be his children, clones, three parts of a future Armstrong that might have split into 3, or maybe alternate dimensional Armstrongs from 3 different realities. Either way our heroes end up going to the circus where the usual happens.

I keep saying this but it's worth repeating, this series has improved by leaps and bounds since I was left cold by issue one. I really enjoyed this issue, there were some really good moments between these two friends. There are good fun times and arguments, just like any two friends on a road trip for a long time, especially when they feel like they are starting to grow up. At times it feels like we are moving towards an eventual break up of the two, there are little arguments and hints that maybe something like that might come down the road, but probably not. The humour in this book was good, and I genuinely laughed out loud at some of it.

I am much happier with the art in the main feature. Norton's style is much more to my liking then Lafuente's from the first story arc. It's just a personal preference. We got some good pages of art, and I was happy with it. The circus scenes are kinda crazy, with all kinds of wacky characters, including a bear scientist? and....Joseph Stalin??? At least that who it looked like to me. I guess we will find out next issue.
There was a backup feature in this issue featuring Davey the Mackerel and a wizard who escaped Armstrong's satchel in the first arc. The story was funny, with the wizard being given a modern name by one of Davey's contacts. So the wizard is now known as Oliver Dumpbucket. It's a cute little back up, and I liked Lafuente's art much more here then in the first arc.

Overall I love the direction of this book. Rafer Roberts has taken the established Archer and Armstrong and put his own stamp on the characters in quick fashion. I can't wait for the next issue and to see where this crazy story goes. I highly recommend.

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