4001 AD: War Mother #1

by Jason Laframboise on August 03, 2016

4001 AD: War Mother #1

 Written by: Fred Van Lente

 Art by: Tomas Giorello

 Published by Valiant Comics

It's 4001 AD. In the Breath of Jade, in the Southern Hemisphere we meet our hero, the War Mother Ana. She has been summoned to scavenge the wreck of the New Japan sector that has been jettisoned to Earth, during the events of the 4001 AD mini series. She lives in a land that is occupied by living Bio-Materials that mimic the natural world but are entirely man made. The Grove Ana lives in is able to grow 95% of it's technology, while the other 5% need to be salvaged. Ana is assisted in her task by her sentient gun Flaco. During her mission she fights with other salvagers, which are competing with her for the chunk of New Japan. What she discovers in the fallen sector will change her world forever.

I liked this book so much more the second time I read it. Like pretty much everything that has come out this summer for the 4001 event this book adds so much more to the Valiant universe. Since the relaunch Valiant has for the most part relied on the 90s properties, with the most notable exception being Divinity. It's great to see them branch out and create another unique property, and one that taps into the under represented female demographic. The male comic book fan has so many kick ass role models in all of the companies, so its great to see Valiant once again add another kick ass female character, which they do better then pretty much everyone. The story was good, and like several of the other 4001 books, makes me want to read more. We get a complete adventure but I want to see more of these characters, I want to know what happens next. I know that someday Valiant will deliver, but I hate the waiting. I like the idea of the gun being the secondary character, it's a really unique idea. Fred Van Lente has been great at myth building at Valiant so it's no surprise that was got such a good book.

I wish I had the artistic knowledge to explain what was used here to make this book, but I know I enjoy it. The book looks good, easy to follow with the art. I love the design of War Mother herself, and I see her becoming an easy creation for Valiant fans to do cosplay with.

Like everything from this summer event 4001 AD, War Mother was a good read that introduced some cool new concepts. I recommend reading this one, and for what it's worth the person working behind the counter at my local comic book shop said that this was a hot book and was probably going to sell out. Hopefully this is a great seller for Valiant and we get more of the character.

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