A&A: The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong #4

by Jason Laframboise on June 15, 2016

A&A:The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong #4
Written by: Rafer Roberts
Art by: David Lafuente
Inks by: Ryan Winn
Colours by: Brian Reber
published by Valiant Comics
This is the final issue of the first story arc for this book. This issue we followed Archer and Armstrong as they try to return the party demon Bacchus to Armstrong's satchel. Armstrong had originally entered his mystical bag to track down a bottle of Lagavulin whiskey which is the emotional crux of the issue, which Armstrong saw get smashed in the last issue. Archer's adopted sister Mary Maria is trying to assist in ending Bacchus' epically crazy party, which involves lots of booze and nudity of course.

This book is so hit and miss for me. On the plus side I am enjoying the interactions between the characters. I like that we are seeing the strengthening of a friendship it's a step in the right direction. Armstrong as the gruff fun loving party guy who is also a deep poet at heart is spot on. Mary Maria is a great take charge female character and I think I would read a book featuring her, although I do wonder if Roberts will resolve the whole issue with her parents consciousness having been transported into her brain in a previous story arc, as it hasn't been managed thus far. Either way Mary Maria takes care of business. Archer. What do I say about Archer? It seems like writers since Fred Lan Vente stopped writing him, Archer has become less then competent at times. While I enjoy the way the character is relating to others in the book there is still just something that isn't quite jiving for me with Archer yet. I think part of the problem is I am currently also reading the Barry Windsor-Smith version which I love.
I'm still not crazy about the art. It's not that its bad. It's fine, the style just doesn't appeal to me. At the same time I love the way the pages are laid out, the panels are great. The cartoony nature just isn't for me.

The series is growing on me. I'm a fan of comedy in comics, so this should be up my alley. I can get over the art. The story was good and it was an enjoyable read with a satisfying ending. The feeling of adventure and fun is the key here and I await next month's adventure!

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