4001 A.D: Bloodshot #1

by Jason Laframboise on June 08, 2016

4001 A.D: Bloodshot #1

Written by: Jeff Lemaire

Art by: Doug Braithwaite

published by Valiant Comics

Last year Valiant Comics released their summer event Book of Death, during which they put out one shot books featuring the death of characters. One of these was the Fall of Bloodshot also written by Jeff Lemaire, which in my opinion was the highlight of the entire event. This book shows us what happened to Bloodshots body and his nanites following the his death. This issue opens with the nanites waking up in the Museum of Antiquated Technologies, and focuses on their final mission. The nanites gain a new body and go on their way, and end up in New Canada. Jeff Lemaire is Canadian just in case you didn't know. On that note kudos to Lemaire for using Kilometers instead of miles.

The issue is well written and the story is told with little dialogue but instead relies on the narration of the nanites themselves. What transpires in the pages is the now independent from their host nanites gaining sentience and then following the last orders given to them by the now dead Ray Garrison. The ending of the issue with the reveal of the mission is touching and emotionally satisfying. It's interesting that the nanites seem to be as effected by Ray's memories as they used to effect him. The story really is a direct sequel to the Fall of Bloodshot which was my favourite issue of all last year, and this one after re reads might win that distinction for this year. The stand alone feel of the book is curious compared to the rest of the 4001 AD branded books, as they all seem to tie in nicely, but the story isn't over yet so maybe it will end up tying in. It's well paced as Lemaire draws us to the climax of the story, the action scenes are good but it's the quieter moments that make this one for me.


Doug Braithwaite's art is good. He makes good use of the space, and the panels are laid out uniquely on the page. I love the design of 4001 AD Bloodshot's 3D printed body, he is walking around as a body with what appears to have no skin on it, and a hole in his chest where his normal red spot would be. Very enjoyable art.

This issue doesn't feel as connected to the rest of the 4001 AD story as everything else that's been put out so far does, but based on the ending that could change. Either way this was a good read and I highly recommend it. Maybe my favourite single issue Valiant has put out this year.

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