Strange Adventures #9 Review

by James Caudill on March 30, 2021

Strange Adventures #9 Cover

“I keep thinking. There’s got to be something in there that could make this better.” --Adam Strange


Tom King...Writer

Mitch Gerads & Evan “Doc” Shaner...Interior and Cover Artists

Clayton Cowles...Letterer

Bixie Mathieu...Assistant Editor

Beittany Holzherr...Associate Editor

Jamie S. Rich...Editor


OH MY RANN!!! Strange Adventures keeps getting better. In this chapter, we see that Adam Strange is beginning to face some consequences for what happened in that Pykkts war. It feels like things are beginning to fall apart even more for Adam Strange. But the question still remains, who is the bad guy and who is the good guy? Is there one?


I can't wait for more of this. Tom King is one of the best writers today for DC Comics, especially when it comes to more obscure characters that your average comic book fan doesn’t think about frequently. King made me love Mister Miracle and is currently doing a fantastic job on another DC Black Label book Rorschach. I can’t get enough of what he is putting out right now. Strange Adventures is right up King’s alley with his background working for the C.I.A. This story is telling of a man returning from war and dealing with the fallout from his actions. There is also a bit of PTSD in there. I mean if you wage war on an alien planet and lose an integral part of your family, who wouldn’t be experiencing that? 


The only thing better than King’s writing is the artwork by Mitch Gerads and Evan “Doc” Shaner. Both artists are taking on different aspects of this story and it blends so well together. Gerads focuses on the Earth and current things going on with Adam Strange. Gerads certainly has upped his already phenomenal game. He is certainly on an elite level. 


Doc Shaner is the other side of this art coin. He is bringing more of a “traditional” comic book style to this book and knocking it out of the park. Shaner is focusing on the events happening on Rann and that war that is waging. To take Shaner’s style and create a war-style comic is jarring...but in the most positive way possible. Sometimes, you see Adam Strange clean cut and superheroic. Then, you turn around and Strange is like a wildman with a beard to match. He is frazzled and tired. Just that juxtaposition alone is amazing. You then add that to what Gerads is doing and it is truly amazing. On the same page, you will have scenes from both Rann and Earth and it is truly a feast for the eyes. 


We don’t talk about letterers nearly enough. But have you all seen what Clayton Cowles has done with this series? Holy smokes. Cowles has a different font for when Adam Strange is communicating with people on Rann and a completely new font when communicating on Earth. Each font Cowles chooses fits with the artwork of that panel. It is truly just a subtle thing, but when you see it, you see it, and it works so well. 


The only drawback is this book comes out every other month. So, issue 8 came out in January. With all the comics that I read, that’s a lot of time between issues. DC really needs to step up their game with that kind of publishing schedule. The alternative would be to do what Brubaker and Phillips are doing with their books, like Reckless. Go ahead and put the complete series out in an original graphic novel. I know DC is going to collect this and I’ll buy the collection as well, which is DC’s business model. When it comes to Mister Miracle, I have the Barnes and Noble edition (trade paperback), the regular trade paperback edition, and the awesome hardback edition with the black background the pink (or is it magenta?) Mister Miracle. I know that DC is going to do something very similar with Strange Adventures. Honestly, part of me has thought about trade waiting on this because of the every two months thing now. But, I just can’t help myself and want to see the artwork in this book. 


If you are like me and want to see amazing artwork and really good writing, you certainly can’t go wrong with this book by Tom King, Mitch Gerads, Doc Shaner and the rest of the crew. Get ready for a feast of the eyes!

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