Action Comics #34

by F.D. White on August 07, 2014

Written by: Greg Pak
Art by: Aaron Kuder & Wil Quintana

Warning: Minor Spoilers


To review Action Comics #34, it's necessary to talk about the other two Superman: Doomed issues that came out this week as well. Overall, it was enjoyable read with Action Comics #34 being the strongest of the bunch.


As we approach the final chapters of the Superman: Doomed arc it's interesting to see how everything has panned out. Honestly, I was completely surprised by some of the elements of the story, specifically the introduction of certain villains to the story beyond Doomsday. It was a smart move by Greg Pak and Charles Soule because as much as I love Doomsday he is kind of a one note character. Although, that's not to say that these writers didn't do their best to make him more than that. It was interesting to see him get his own inner dialogue with Superman and call himself Death itself. There's potential to put Doomsday on a mythical platform which would definitely make his one-dimension more interesting.


On that note, though, Doomsday is quickly and conveniently dispatched from this story when he's no longer necessary (or at least it seems that way) which was very disappointing. Considering the immense struggle Superman, and all heroes for that matter, face whenever he arrives the way he is removed from the story is pretty lame. Still, everything else happening at this point is amazing, including a very Lovecraftian ending to both Annuals.


This brings us to the issue in question, Action Comics #34. Honestly, this is artist Aaron Kuder's book. He steals the show. I've always been a big fan of his style since he joined the book, but there's a particular two page spread in this issue that literally made my jaw drop. Together Kuder and colorist Wil Quintana are a formidable duo worthy of everyone's praise. They are especially great because they break from DC's oppressive “house style” which appears to be slowly disappearing.


This issue hits with a bang as everything that Superman: Doomed has been leading up to comes to a head. With fantastic art and layouts to the always amazingly written Lana Lang and Superman, this issue is a solid success.


Superman questions himself in the issue, “Who the hell do I think I am?” and I think we all know. In the hands of Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder he's one of the most well-written superheroes DC has right now.

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