Action Comics #32

by F.D. White on June 04, 2014

Written by: Greg Pak
Pencils by: Scott Kolins
Colors by: Wil Quintana

Action Comics just isn’t the same without Aaron Kuder, even for one issue. The greatness provided by the comic is a two part act. Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder together make Action Comics the magic that it is. His absence here is definitely notable. Now, that’s not to say that Scott Kolins is bad, on the contrary. He’s a solid replacement for Kuder and their style is somewhat similar. However it’s like comparing A work with B work. Kolins is inconsistent, for example Lana Lang switches faces quite a few times.  

Even with the slightly lesser art, the story is still very strong with Pak telling a wonderful story that utilizes Doomsday in a unique and horrifying way. It takes the monotony of Doomsday’s destruction and applies it in an entertaining and philosophical way. How can Superman be Superman if he brings death and destruction with him wherever we goes? With this Doomsday virus manifesting itself into a Superdoom we’re going to see a crisis of faith. Is there any way to save Superman, and even if they do...can they trust him like before?

One thing I’m really hoping for is that Lana and Wonder Woman become larger components to the story. As Superman becomes Superdoom I assume his monologues, which have featured prominently throughout Pak’s run so far, will become less engaging so Diana and Lana will have to pick up the slack.

Since this event is crossing all three Superman books it will have a somewhat lasting effect on Superman in the DC universe, but only time will tell. For now, though, I’m just enjoying the ride.

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