The High Republic Adventures #5 Review

by Krownest on June 17, 2021

Author: Daniel Jose Older
Artist: "Magnus Arts"
Colorist: Rebecca Nalty
Letters: Jake M. Wood
Publisher: IDW Publishing

This issue, all the paths come together. This series has been building up to two things, one plot-related and one character-related. Those things are the mysterious goals of Marchion Ro, which include a mysterious artifact and the Elders of the Path, as well as the choices that our two main characters Zeen Mrala and Krix Kamerat will make regarding each other. This series has slowly been growing on me, each issue making it clearer what it's trying to do and the message it's trying to tell, and this issue completes that journey and makes it one of my favorite stories to come out of the High Republic yet. 

This issue also made me come around on the art. I wasn't a huge fan of it, especially compared to the phenomenal art of Marvel's High Republic series, but this issue made me appreciate what was trying to be accomplished. I specifically came to appreciate it during the massive two-page spread of the Jedi facing an uncountable horde of Nihil soldiers (there's another moment where I appreciated the art, but it's a moment I won't spoil, though if you're on Twitter you likely already know because of how horny Star Wars Twitter has been over it). This issue is almost entirely action, which is in stark contrast to previous issues where I complained about the series not letting things play out; now I understand why, it's because all that was just build-up for this issue.

But don't worry, it's not all action, there's also a lot of plot and especially character development. And man, oh man, is it amazing. (Skip to the next paragraph to avoid spoilers) The parallel story between Zeen and Krix has been my favorite part of this series, and this brings it to... not a conclusion, but the end of this chapter of their story, and it's so emotional. I was hoping Older wouldn't resolve this story here with a redemption for Krix, and he definitely doesn't. Instead, Krix doubles down on his fall, and betrays Zeen for the last time. Meanwhile, without Krix there to divide her loyalty, Zeen fully gets on-board the Jedi train, although it's still in the air whether she'll actually be allowed to train.

But it doesn't stop at those smaller, personal stakes. To my astonishment, this series has massive ramifications for the plot of The High Republic as a whole. I won't spoil what those ramifications are, but I wasn't expecting this plot point to be developed until the "bigger" adult novels like The Rising Storm in a couple weeks. It really just proves why The High Republic is the best thing to come out of Star Wars in years: everything is important and has meaning, not just the bigger stories with the bigger audiences. And in this case, everything gets the same amount of love and attention from the people working on them, since it's obvious how much of a blast everyone on this comic had. I can't recommend this series enough, and I can't wait for the next story arc to begin. :)

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