Static Season One #1

by Carlos R. on June 15, 2021

Static Season One #1 Cover Graphic
Written by: Vita Ayala
Layouts by: Chriscross
Finishes and Color by: Nikolas Draper-Ivey
Lettered by: Andworld Design
Publisher: DC Comics

There are some books that you can’t help but devour, that are so simple to immerse yourself into and feel for its characters. Static Season One #1 is that kind of story.

This issue follows the events of Milestone Returns Infinite Edition #0 and explores Virgil’s strife with his newfound powers and the sudden changes he’s experienced.

I was flabbergasted by how natural the dialogue felt, how skillfully its physical elements were executed to emphasize pauses and intention, highlight the internal conflict within Virgil. By page three I was hooked on this series, it may be my favorite page of the issue (though there are plenty of contenders for that slot) it’s such an intense page and stresses how well this creative team functions. The previous pages are tense and build to this burst of anger from Virgil when his sister touches him. The background quickly shifts to a bright red and stands out against the surrounding lighter colors. Having the panels from Sharon’s perspective at this point highlights just how much pressure Virgil’s dealing with and puts us in Sharon’s shoes validating both characters’ emotions. And that Virgil apologizes, and Sharon lets out a sigh speaks volumes to their relationship.

Also, these teens sound like teens! How huge is that!? Ayala does a fantastic job writing these characters, capturing the stammers and awkwardness in Virgil and contrasting it against the arrogance of Hotstreak and Derek.

The book is a beauty, too. The subtle changes in expressions are amazing, especially at the halfway point when the Hawkins’ dinner scenes are used to contrast the before and after of Virgil’s powers. This book moves fluidly and the flash of memories interspliced between panels is a nice touch to detail Virgil’s persistent frustrations.

Add Static Season One to your pull list because this promises to be a series worth devouring.

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