Wonder Woman #773 Review

by Carlos R. on June 08, 2021

Wonder Woman #773 Cover Image
Afterworlds Part 4
Written by: Michael W. Conrad & Becky Cloonan
Art by: Travis Moore
Colors by: Tamra Bonvillain
Lettered by: Pat Brosseau
Publisher: DC Comics

Stories to Tell
Written by: Jordie Bellaire
Art by: Paulina Ganucheau
Colors by: Kendall Goode
Lettered by: Becca Carey
Publisher: DC Comics

Wonder Woman is still going strong! Also, all the covers so far have been absolutely fantastic, but this month’s by Joshua Middleton has to be my favorite so far. Let us know in the comments which cover has stood out to you from this run thus far.

This issue brings Diana to the end of her adventures in Asgard. The story picks up at the drop of last issue with Diana at the literal doorstep of the Valkyries, who’ve had enough of the old ways and are breaking free of Asgardian tradition. And of course, it’s up to Diana is to find a way to bring peace to both of these factions if Asgard is to be saved.

I’ve loved Conrad’s and Cloonan’s approach to this book, it feels so much like a fantasy game with side quests and running all over the map and misogynistic jerks littered everywhere (thankfully Diana sets em straight). But it’s been amazing to see Wonder Woman interact with a whole other set of fabled beings and get a good dose of mythology mixed in. Diana’s loss of memories has been a fun addition, it adds a layer of humor to her when it’s not the expected reaction and establishes how rooted heroism is in her nature. While I’m not fond of this iteration of Thor, it’s fitting and does make for some great interactions with Diana and the Valkyries. The conclusion does feel natural, but it doesn’t feel as earned as it could. It feels as if nothing was sacrificed to gain this progression, though I do admire the diplomatic approach taken.

This issue may be the most visually pleasing thus far, and that’s saying something! Bonvillain’s colors are mesmerizing and so striking! Especially when the story shifts to the perspective within the void Diana speaks to Deadman. Moore’s Valkyrie designs are so intriguing, and so much of their personalities are detailed with so little. Their mannerisms and expressions give us an idea of how they each work with one another and exemplify their approach to Thor and their desires. Fey may be my favorite visually, her colors are amazing. The panel layouts work so well to make the action flow seamlessly and the splash pages in here are incredible, specifically the Valkyrie page.

And of course, we get a backup story featuring Young Diana who’s still on the quest to uncover Themyscira’s hidden history. I’ve come to enjoy this backup story more and more, especially because it builds an image of Themyscira in my mind. I’ve always just thought of the palace, colosseum, and beach when I’ve thought of Wonder Woman’s home. This issue’s tale was especially inspiring and such a delight to view.

I’m excited to see what direction this story will move in, especially with the events at the end of this chapter. Also, we’re not done with Ratatosk! So much to be excited for.

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