Wonder Girl #1 Review

by Carlos R. on May 19, 2021

Wonder Girl #1 Cover Image
Writer and artist: Joëlle Jones
Colorist by: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer by: Clayton Cowles
Publisher: DC Comics

Alright, if by some chance you’ve managed to not jump on the Yara Flor hype train, now is the time to board! Jones, Bellaire, and Cowles have been weaving an incredible tale as is and this issue promises great things for this series.

Jones sets off to explore Yara’s origins as she returns to her homeland of Brazil. Yara’s return does not bode well for her as the gods strive to keep her from setting foot on her home soil. This first chapter is more focused on setup as we get flashes of Yara’s past life and the reactions of characters throughout the DC Universe as they feel the winds of change. The story starts with a brief glimpse of a traumatic memory from Yara’s childhood that is framed gorgeously, with vivid colors that evoke violence and fear. As someone who’s never been to their mother country, I understand Yara’s desire to locate a piece of herself that’s rooted in where she’s from. While there aren’t many battles in this issue, there isn’t a lack of action or Yara running in to save the day, but it’s tamer and depicts how natural heroism is for Yara.

I’m blown away by what Jones, Bellaire, and Cowles have put onto page. It’s astounding; the menacing framing of the knights at the beginning to the fine details of an explosion, this book is incredible and worth every penny. Yara’s stance says so much about her, especially when comparing herself between time periods. Her younger version is just as confident, but there’s a fear and awareness that overcomes her at the end of the flashback that’s not found in present day Yara. Cowles does a wonderful job of guiding readers eyes with the effects of movement, from a cruel slash to the crash of a goblet, they blend in well but stand out enough so they resonate as you move through the pages. Also, the font for each land’s name is superb! They’re intricate and complement each page beautifully.

This book has a sure spot on my holds list, and I highly encourage any and all to add it as well. The art is beyond magnificent and you can always trust Jones to deliver on an incredible story.

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