The Silver Coin #2 Review

by Carlos R. on May 13, 2021

The Silver Coin #2 Cover Image
Do you ever just love a book so much that you just know you’re going to end up with multiple copies because you can’t get enough of it?

That’s what you can expect for your future when picking up The Silver Coin.

Thompson delivers on this book, it’s brutal and the dialogue is perfect, I can hear the voices of Destiny Bunk perfectly in my head. I’ll try not to give too much away, but if you want to go in with a clear slate, go pick up a copy, you won’t regret it! I’ve read through about five times now and seeing how hopeful and excited Fiona is to visit an eerie camp only to be faced with the gruesome reality that humans can suck just makes my heart sink further and further by the time I get to that last panel. And they are just awful beings, so much so that survival for Fiona means morphing into something horrific herself. And even though each issue is a standalone, a layer of tension is added when you spot the raven from the last story.

Walsh’s work in this book is everything you could want from a series like this. There’s a splash page where the campfire casts a sinister shadow across a character’s face, highlighting their eyes in a way that seems unnatural and is, despite their overuse of the word “like”, chilling. And the shift of Fiona’s facial expressions just breaks my heart, each small joy, snatched away from her. The transition to the climax of the book is wonderful! The light of the sun fades and the gutters shift to black, and that hard transition to white at the end is haunting.

If you have the means to, do not miss out on this series. Walsh’s art is superb and these last two stories have instantly become some of my favorite works of horror fiction.

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