Jenny Zero #1 Review

by Carlos R. on May 05, 2021

Jenny Zero #1 Cover Image
Written by: Dave Dwonch and Brockton McKinney
Illustrated by: Magenta King
Color art by: Megan Huang
Lettered by: Dave Dwonch
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

While not the strongest opening, I was definitely drawn in by the close of the book. The art is so fitting and the gore and decimation inside these pages is a delight.

Dwonch and McKinney have set up such a strange world in Jenny Zero, I’m intrigued by all the events NOT on display in this issue. I’m fascinated by her relationship with her father and the circumstances that led to the world being shaped this way and generally exploring more of what brought Jenny to her current state. It’s a great approach to start off with our protagonist after she’s been idolized, unfortunately her dialogue can be weak, resorting to overly used phrases like “new phone who dis” and “not my first rodeo”. We’ve explored these types of characters before, inebriated and dealing with the trauma of their past; Jenny can be entertaining and I’m sympathetic to her plight, but I don’t feel invested in her journey at the beginning of the story. I do enjoy her resolve and how her kindness shines through for those she trusts.

The attention to detail King and Huang add to this title is amazing! I love how odd Nemo appears and the use of orange and red throughout make for a great contrast to the flashbacks and help keep an even pace. I enjoyed the flow of movements, there’s a clear sense of direction and action, even amidst the chaos of nightclubs and kaiju battles. Speaking of which, the monster in this story, wow! I love its design and how it comes onto the scene panel by panel then engorging the page and city. Dwonch’s effects help to amplify the scope of the monster and there’s a moment where the “SLAM” effect is used to transition between panels that flows so well.

If you’re looking to try out a new kaiju series, absolutely give Jenny Zero a shot. I feel it’s a series that needs a moment to stretch its legs before stomping its way into your pull list. It’s an intriguing tale for sure and I’ll be happily checking out the next issue to see what direction the creative team will take.

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