DC PREVIEW -- Detective Comics #1024 (Prelude to The Joker War), On Sale Tuesday, July 21

by stephengervais on June 24, 2020

Every new comic book in the Batman family brings us one step closer to “The Joker War,” the ultimate showdown pitting the Dark Knight of Gotham against the Clown Prince of Crime! DC presents you with this preview of Detective Comics #1024 (on sale July 21), a prelude to the big event kicking off in Batman #95, also on sale July 21.
Written by PETER J. TOMASI
art and cover by BRAD WALKER and ANDREW HENNESSY
Card stock variant cover by LEE BERMEJO
In this prelude to “Batman: The Joker War,” the story of Two-Face reaches its end, and Harvey Dent will at last find peace after decades of schism. But will that peace be in death, or in the chance at a new life? 
All along, The Joker has been the puppet master behind the torment of Two-Face, and in this issue, the Clown Prince of Crime definitely knows how to make an entrance! Don’t miss the final battle between Batman, Two-Face, and Lincoln March, with a shocking conclusion that’s sure to split you right in two!
ON SALE 07.21.2020
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES