Winchester Mystery House Comic Press Release Source Point Press is bringing the mystery to you in the Comic-Con@Home Panel “Behind the Veil: The Winchester Mystery House Comic Book Series.” Writer Joshua Werner (Rampant, co-founder of Source Point Press) and artist Dustin Irvin (The Seance Room) discuss the behind-the-scenes creation of the upcoming Source Point Press comic book series, “The Winchester Mystery House” on Saturday, Jul. 24 at 10 a.m. Introduced by Walter Magnuson, general manager of the Winchester Mystery House, this panel explores the thrills and

Meet Deva Lompop on July 21st!    New York, NY— June 25, 2021 — Announced yesterday on, a new bounty hunter character will be making their first appearance on July 21st in STAR WARS: WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS - JABBA THE HUTT #1. Created by writer Justina Ireland and artist Iban Coello, Deva Lompop will be recruited by Jabba the Hutt to succeed where Boba Fett has failed and bring him Han Solo! Equipped with an array of unique weaponry and sporting a killer design, Deva is set to have a major impact on the action-packed crossover and will appear

All-star artists celebrate Miles Morales’ 10th anniversary starting in September!   New York, NY— June 23, 2021 — This year, Marvel Comics will commemorate the 10th anniversary of one of its brightest stars—Miles Morales! The young Brooklyn-based Spider-Man took the world by storm when he was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli’s in 2011’s Ultimate Fallout #4 and has skyrocketed to stardom ever since. The last decade has seen Miles star in both his own hit ongoing series as well as team books such

Zac Thompson and Germán García team up for KA-ZAR: LORD OF THE SAVAGE LAND this September!   New York, NY— June 14, 2021 — Marvel’s Lord of the Jungle is back! The iconic Ka-Zar will be starring in a brand-new limited series this September. Written by Zac Thompson (Yondu, Age of X-Man) and drawn by Germán Garcia (Immortal Hulk, X-Men), KA-ZAR: LORD OF THE SAVAGE LAND will pick up on the hero’s exciting journey since his death and resurrection during last year’s Empyre. Back from the dead with a whole new terrifying

Comic Clear Comic Boards  One of the most important parts of comic book collecting is the products that you use to protect those comics. Most comics can be stored in just your avaerage bag and board but when it comes to those higher end books that you spend time and money hunting down, special key issues, or store exclusive variants, you want to use only the best products available to protect those books or to display them proudly in your collection. As a reviewer and comic collector myself, I love getting to go to cons and meeting fellow collectors out there and talk to

Vault Comics is thrilled to show off an epic, extended preview of BARBARIC #1, the wild, blood-thirsty fantasy series from writer Michael Moreci, (The Plot, Wasted Space The Lost Carnival), artist Nathan Gooden (Brandon Sanderson’s Dark One, Vampire: The Masquerade), colorist Addison Duke (Curse Words, Vampire: The Masquerade), letterer Jim Campbell (The Plot, Giant Days), and designer Tim Daniel.    BARBARIC follows Owen the Barbarian who has been cursed to do good with what remains of his life. His bloodthirsty weapon, Axe

Get a sneak peek at Al Ewing and Juan Frigeri’s next explosive issue of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, on sale June 23rd!   New York, NY— May 27, 2021 — Marvel’s new age of space kicks it into high gear this summer in THE LAST ANNIHILATION, a new crossover spinning out of GUARDIANS OF GALAXY! Known for his long-term world building and big payoffs, acclaimed writer Al Ewing continues to revolutionize Marvel’s cosmic landscape. All the pieces are now in place for a conflict that will shake the stars and test the very limits of the galaxy’s mightiest

Final Orders for ‘Infinite Frontier’ launch issue due to Local Comic Shops on Thursday May 27   Mitch Gerads’ cover for ‘Infinite Frontier’ #4 is revealed! Featuring the return of Flashpoint Batman!   Interconnecting Variant Covers by Bryan Hitch feature President Superman, Jade and Obsidian, Green Lantern Alan Scott, Arsenal, and more Start here for everything you need to know about Joshua Williamson and Xermanico’s summer blockbuster Infinite Frontier before the new DC miniseries launches on June 22! Picking up directly from

BCW Printed Comic Book Short Boxes As comic book collectors, we rely on so many different products to not only store our comics, but protect them as well. If you’ve ever gone online and searched for comic supplies, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by the dozens of companies and products that come up, especially if you are new to comic collecting or just getting back into it. While there are some great companies out there that offer decent products, there is only one company I trust for ,y comic collecting across the board and that is BCW Supplies. I know what you’re


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