The Silver Oldies - Uncanny X-Men #2 & #3

by Wil D. on August 13, 2014

Today I will be reviewing, briefly, Uncanny X-men # 2 and # 3. We will meet two villains, both of which you've probably heard of. We will see how the Vanisher got his start, and the first exploits of The Blob.

Volume Two opens with the team rushing back to the Professor, who has mentally called for them. Beast goes up a wall and rides the top of a train. Angel flies low and literally picks up some lady fans. Jean becomes cross with lifts them onto a roof. That tires her and Angel flies her home. Scott and Bobby Stop and save some bricklayers and arrive late. The Professor briefs them on the Vanisher, who has started to cause problems. They show The Vanisher becoming the king of the underworld by pulling off a heist. He goes to where the baddies conveine and declares himself homo-superior and everyone else his lackeys. They are overjoyed to be a lackey to someone as great as the Vanisher.

He relishes in his newfound fame and reveals his master plan.

Before we go any further, I need to ask why he went with the Frill Lizard - Tomato hybrid costume? Surely they haven't run out of costume ideas 2 issues in. He looks like something went terribly wrong in the universe. The team trains a while longer and then the professor uses a brain phone to call his contact at the Department of Special Affairs at the FBI.

They leave in the helicopter the DSA has lent them. The Defense Strategy data is shown to be guarded by four men armed with Tommy guns. It's convienetly in a briefcase on a table in an empty room. Fortunately, the X-Men show up just in time to catch him going out the door and they promptly get thoroughly get their butts whipped. They return home and fight because they've failed. The professor is left to break them up. The Vanisher sets his demands. Ten million dollars (tax free, he specifies) or he will give the plans to the Commies. They wait to meet him at the White House and sure enough he shows up. It comes down to The Professor to beat him.

He gives him amnesia and turns him over the the authorities. They go home and he delivers this morality lesson.

Well, all's well that amnesia, I guess.

Surprisingly little happens in Vol. 3. Blob becomes a pretty well-used figure. This one starts with a training exercise, as many do. This exercise involves a hay baler of all things. Midway through, the professor senses a mutant is in the nearby city. Just... On his own. From his chair. He sends them to get into street clothes and they go to find it. They find their way to the city and the circus is in town. They quickly notice The Blob doing his performance.

They immediately decide to invite him to the team. He refuses until Jean asks him. He returns to the school and they demonstrate. He's not impressed and refuses. They decide that he can't leave, knowing their identities, and he is attacked before the professor can stop him. He ends up escaping and returning to the circus. He stages a coup and becomes the circus master and makes everyone his army. Together they attack Professor X's school. Professor X does it his way and gives them all amnesia. The end. That's the entire introduction of The Blob. He is at a circus. Hunble beginnings.

Next installment we will review the arc of "The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants." Until then, have fun.



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I just love those old covers!! If I had lots of money I'd buy a bunch of them up and frame them up on the wall. 

Slightly cheaper alternative might be to get Marvel Unlimited and get screenshots like I did. I get them off my Nexus 7, just a normal screen shot. It has a resolution of 1920x1080. The picture doesn't quite take up all of that but for argument's sake...

Anyway, the pictures aren't that detailed because printing technology wasn't what it is now. you could probably get away with printing it at 180 ppi (About half what I hear is recommended photo quality). That'd give you a 10.5 x 6 inch image. That might be enough to look nice in a row on a wall or in some kind of array. If you mess with the ppi and find you can print lower
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Yea very true! The shots you got look great! Put a nice frame on them and voila! I'd probably do a couple X-Men, some Amazing Spidey, Avengers, and I absolutely love Fantastic Four #1 cover. Ah the possibilities!!

This story is entirely different from the xmen movie so far. But very much entertaining to me to get this here. The boss is very funny and his costumes too. I am an blog writer and been amazed to read this story.