QMX Zipper Mouth Alligator Loki Review

by Wes Greer on March 11, 2023

QMX Zipper Mouth Alligator Loki

We’re back with another Quantum Mechanix review, but this time we’re covering one of their newer product lines and BOY is this a fun one!

The Zipper Mouth line is one of the newest lines of products designed by Quantum Mechanix and takes the same detailed and fun experience of their Q-Fig Dioramas, but introduces it to the world of plush collectibles. Now I know what you’re thinking, “aren’t plushies usually for kids?” and normally you would be correct, but if you know anything about QMX, then you already know they bring out the inner child in adult collectors by adding that detail and wow factor that draws any adult to any collector, which is another reason we had to team up with QMX to cover their incredible line of products because we here at CTG are all just big kids ourselves, but with adult money!

I have probably reviewed hundreds of comics-based items over the years. But I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve ever reviewed a plush collectible so I had to change up my usual format for product reviews and we will start with the details of this Alligator Loki.
If you’ve seen the Disney Plus Series Loki, than you know that this Alligator is one of the many Loki variants that exist in the series and is probably one of the most bizarre, yet fun variants and QMX has captured that exact feeling with this Zipper Mouth Alligator Loki Plush.
The Plush itself is made out of a high quality materials and is stitched with expert precision, which sets this plush apart from similar products. The Alligator Loki Zipper Mouth has fine details added to him such as scales that have been created using fine stitching and has the iconic Loki crown of horns that is stitched atop his head. The crown is stitched almost all the way around which provides a very secure attachment, so you don’t have to worry about it becoming detached at any time. I tested out the strength of it myself and tugged a bit on the crown to see if it would give any and it didn’t budge at all. He has a very menacing look in his eyes which are also stitched on with precision to the point where you can barely tell that they are actually stitched on, which is another testament to just how well this product was made. The mouth of course has a large zipper that runs across it that is made of a high quality plastic material that I also put to the test by opening and closing it about one hundred times or so and then giving it to my six year old daughter to REALLY test its strength and its one durable zipper that still functions just as great as it did when I first received it.

As if that wasn’t enough fine detailing, you enjoy a fun surprise when you unzip Loki’s mouth and come to find a President Loki campaign button sitting on his tongue, which is just another fun detail QMX added as a bit of an easter egg from the Loki TV series and was not something I was expecting to find in there. Inside the mouth he also has a giant tongue that flaps around inside his mouth and makes for a really fun display piece if you choose to leave his mouth open, but it looks just as great with the zipper mouth closed.

Since this is a plush, there’s no real articulation to review, but he does have four stubby little legs that are static, but do work to hold the Gator up a bit which is just another one of those details that make this piece great for adult collectors as well as for displaying him.

As far as any defects or issues with the product are concerned, I have looked this thing over and over and honestly could not find one single issue with it, which may be a first for any product review I have done. It’s just a fantastic product and easily one of my favorite pieces I have ever had the privilege of reviewing. I have attached to exact dimensions below. Photo courtesy of QMX*

Overall, the QMX Zipper Mouth Alligator Loki is a phenomenal product that brings the bizarre and fun properties of the character from the series to life and is a must purchase item for any Loki collector or fan of the Loki Disney Plus original series.

If you want to pick up one of these amazing Zipper Mouth Alligator Loki’s, you can preorder one now direct from Quantum Mechanix here, PREORDER Alligator Loki Zippermouth Plush – Quantum Mechanix (qmxonline.com)  or look for them at any retailer who carries QMX products!

-Wes Greer