BCW Printed Comic Book Short Boxes Review

by Wes Greer on April 29, 2021

BCW Printed Comic Book Short Boxes

As comic book collectors, we rely on so many different products to not only store our comics, but protect them as well. If you’ve ever gone online and searched for comic supplies, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by the dozens of companies and products that come up, especially if you are new to comic collecting or just getting back into it. While there are some great companies out there that offer decent products, there is only one company I trust for ,y comic collecting across the board and that is BCW Supplies. I know what you’re thinking, “he has to say that because he is writing about their products that they sent him to review” and I assure you that is not the case here. As a collector in my thirties, I’ve used probably every comic supply company you can think of and yes, there are some companies that make products just as good as BCW does but they fall short in other products whereas BCW offers quality in all of their products across the board. I have always recommended BCW to all of my personal friends and I am truly excited for our new partnership where I get to bring all the latest and greatest directly from BCW to all of you guys and gals!

This time around, BCW has sent me over some samples of their printed comic book short boxes and right out of the gate I was blown away by their quality and how amazing the printing on them looks. The boxes themselves are made out of a strong corrugated  cardboard material that is strong enough to hold the full weight of your comics once the box is full. The printed artwork on the boxes is sharp and they have used some of the best artwork taken directly from whatever series they represent. The boxes are also coated in a very smooth and shiny gloss that not only makes the artwork on the boxes stand out, but also helps protect the boxes a bit more from light moisture and oils that may come off of your fingers. Most of the time, collectors store their boxes in closests or storage areas but if you are like me and like to have your comics accessible to you, these boxes are a great choice to display the art of some of your favorite comic series while storing your comics inside of them. I’ve owned a few different printed comic boxes and I can say these are without a doubt the best quality ones I have ever seen and the stability of them matches the high level of detail they used on the printing. I filled a couple of them up with various comics from my collection and stored them around various parts of my home and they are as strong as they are beautiful. None of the boxes had any signs of strain or give and I put them through the wringer filled with various weights and tossing them around a bit. After beating them up a little, I was still able to easily lift them and maneuver them around with no signs of give anywhere. The bottoms held tight and I could have easily doubled the weight inside of each box without them giving away at all. 

Below are some images of several of the boxes they sent me to check out but you can see the various prints available by heading over to their site here, 

If you are looking to upgrade your comic boxes or looking to buy your very first box, I highly recommend checking out these BCW printed comic boxes yourself. These boxes have earned the Comics The Gathering seal of approval and are our recommendation to collectors looking for unique boxes for their collections!

_Wes Greer