10 Must Read Halloween Comics

by Wes Greer on October 21, 2020

Halloween Must Read Comics 2020

  It is that time of year again where vampires come out of their crypts and Workers take to the skies to celebrate Halloween time. Just like these creatures, comic readers also love to get into the spirit and get lost in a world of horror and get lost in some great stories. There are so many great stories you can pick up and get into and every year I like to post a list of my top recommendations for you guys to check out but this year I wanted to do something different and get recommendations from you guys in the comic community because there are so many incredible horror tales out there and I wanted to bring you guys the best of the best. I narrowed down the top 10 recommended to me via Twitter so here is the list of books you guys chose.

10. Plunge by Joe Hill and Stuart Immonen
Published by DC Comics
Synopsis- n the aftermath of a devastating tsunami, an exploration vessel known as the Derleth begins sending an automated distress signal from a remote atoll in the Bering Strait. The only problem is that the Derleth has been missing for 40 years. Marine biologist Moriah Lamb joins the Carpenter Salvage team to recover the Derleth’s dead...only to find that in this remote part of the Arctic Circle the dead have plenty to say to the living...Joe Hill and Stuart Immonen’s Plunge into terror begins here!

@SpoonfulofBrody says “I feel like it was the best horror book out this past year. It’s just cool 80’s style horror with a nautical theme. I really dig it!

9. The Dollhouse Family by Joe Hill, Mike Carey, Dan McDaid, and Peter Gross Publisjer -   DC Comics
Synopsis - On Alice’s sixth birthday, her dying great-aunt sent her the birthday gift she did not know she always wanted: a big, beautiful 19th-century dollhouse, complete with a family of antique dolls. In no time at all, the dollhouse is heartwarming children’s novel: The Dollhouse family. But while the not just Alice’s favorite toy...it’s her whole world. And soon, young Alice learns she can enter the house to visit a new group of friends, straight out of a Dollhouse family welcome her with open arms, in the real world, her family life is becoming much more complicated...and deep within the Dollhouse’s twisting halls, the black room waits, with an offer to Alice. The house can fix all this, the black room says. All she must do is say the words...

@00joepocket says “Such a great story of a curse that spans several generations & manifests itself as a dollhouse, the time jumps are executed perfectly & the characters are sympathetic & well developed so that you genuinely care about their fate”

8. Harrow County by Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook
Publiisher - Dark Horse Comics
Synopsis Emmy always knew that the woods surrounding her home crawled with ghosts and monsters. But on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she learns that she is connected to these creatures--and to the land itself--in a way she never imagined.

 @anraham_sapien says “Its such a beautiful eerie book that it can't be forgotten around Halloween. Perfect book for the occasion”
@jas3252 says “It builds an amazing world and tells such a great horror story”

7. The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore
Publisher – Image Comics
Synopsis - Rick Grimes, Sheriff of a small town in Kentucky awakes in a hospital. Comatose after being shot while on duty, Rick finds the world abandoned of all things living and is faced with walking undead, who attack him on sight. He returns home to find his family, son Carl and wife Lori, gone. He meets his new neighbor, who points him towards Atlanta. After retrieving supplies from the abandoned Police Station, Rick sets off to Atlanta to search for his family.

6.Sweet Heart by Dillon Gilbertson and Francesco Iaquinta
Publisher – Action Lab – Danger Zone
Synopsis - Being hunted is an everyday risk in Ellicott City and the town itself is designed to make life comfortable for its citizens while being actively stalked by the eerie, insatiable creatures that live among them. But when Ben is chosen by one of the creatures near his home, his mother struggles to cope with the certainty of her son's death.

@wes_greer (yes me) says “ Sweet Heart is an intelligent horror story that is terrifying because it uses the basis of real life mental and physical health conditions as it’s inspiration which many readers can relate to and a deeper level and Iaquinta’s art brings all the terrors to life visually”

5. Hotell by John Lees and Dalibor Talajic
Publisher – AWA Studios / Upshot Studios
Synopsis - You won't find it on any map, but if you happen to be driving down Route 66 late at night and  you're truly desperate for shelter, sanctuary or secrecy, you might see a battered sign on the side of the road: The Pierrot Courts Hotel. - where many check in but few check out.

4. Something is Killing the Children by James Tynion and Werther Dell’Edera
Publisher – BOOM! Studios

Synopsis -

When the children of Archer's Peak begin to go missing, everything shadows.seems hopeless. The few children that return alive have terrible stories—impossible details of terrifying creatures that live in the woods.

3. Killadelphia by Rodney Barnes and Jason Shawn Alexander
Publisher – Image Comics
Synopsis - When a small-town beat cop comes home to bury his murdered father—the revered Philadelphia detective James Sangster Sr.—he begins to unravel a mystery that leads him down a path of horrors that will shake his beliefs to their core. The city that was once the symbol of liberty and freedom has fallen prey to corruption, poverty, unemployment, brutality… and vampires. Welcome to KILLADELPHIA.

@TalkJarro says “t tackles political issues
Its detectives against vampires
The president is a vampire
Strong compelling story
And it has @TheRodneyBarnes and @jasonshawnalex @luisnct tackling the book. All in all, an amazing book!”

@DiscussComic says “. Killadelphia is incredible. I love the idea of combining our country’s history with the horror genre. The artwork is otherworldly...it’s tough to even explain it.

@TheCole_Spot  says “ Because it’s good”

2. Ice Cream Man by M. Maxwell Prince, Martin Morazzo, and Chris O’Halloran
Publisher – Image Comics
Synopsis - Chocolate, vanilla, existential horror, drug addiction, musical fantasy there's a flavor for everyone's misery. ICE CREAM MAN is a genre-defying comic book series featuring disparate "one-shot" tales of sorrow, wonder, and redemption.

@MexMenPodcast says “Chilling stories with enough variety to satisfy any horror fan”

  1. Batman The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale
Publisher – DC Comics
Synopsis - Taking place during Batman's early days of crime fighting, this collection tells the story of a mysterious killer who murders his prey only on holidays. Working with District Attorney Harvey Dent and Lieutenant James Gordon, Batman races against the calendar as he tries to discover who Holiday is before he claims his next victim each month. A mystery that has the reader continually guessing the identity of the killer, this story also ties into the events that transform Harvey Dent into Batman's deadly enemy, Two-Face.

@RealAdamJanis66 says “now it deals with all the Holidays, but I still consider it a nice "spooky" read. Not just for the title, but the subject matter, the killings all the that stuff. I always get a "horror movie" vibe when I read that series.”

@DickDavies says “It’s not only a great Batman story, it’s also a great Halloween story. It comes off the heels of year one. So you’re getting a more rounded Batman, not Bruce Wayne fighting Mobsters. And I believe it’s #2 in a 3 part series by Loeb. Dark Victory and Haunted Knight, all great!”