DC Announces Full FanDome Schedule

by Wes Greer on August 14, 2020

DC Releases FanDome Schedule

DC Comics has finally released their schedule for their upcoming 24-hour online convention. With so much going on from DC in the way of TV, Films, Games, and Comics, DC has found a way to celebrate and announce all these things in a world where conventions are nonexistent due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. With so many amazing panels and exciting announcements, DC has made it so you can head over and create your own schedule to ensure you don’t miss out on any of them. For the full schedule and to create your own schedule, head over to www.dcfandome.com
Below, we have listed the most anticipated and exciting panels so check it out!

  • 1:00pm ET - Wonder Woman 1984 panel with Gadot, Pine, Wiig, Pascal, and Jenkins. Hall of Heroes.
  • 1:00pm ET - The Flash TV series panel. WatchVerse.
  • 1:30pm ET - Warner Bros. Montreal Game Announcement. Hall of Heroes.
  • 1:45pm ET - Black Lightning panel with cast. WatchVerse.
  • 2:45pm ET - The Flash panel with Miller and Muschietti. Hall of Heroes.
  • 3:00pm ET - The Suicide Squad panel with cast and director. Hall of Heroes.
  • 3:00pm ET - Legends of Tomorrow panel with cast. WatchVerse.
  • 4:15pm ET - Doom Patrol panel with cast. WatchVerse.
  • 5:00pm ET- Suprise DC Comics Panel. Hall of Heroes.
  • 5:45pm ET - The Snyder Cut of Justice League panel with Zack Snyder. Hall of Heroes.
  • 6:00pm ET - Black Adam panel with Dwayne Johnson + surprises. Hall of Heroes.
  • 6:45pm ET - Title to be announced - new movie? Hall of Heroes.
  • 7:00pm ET - Aquaman panel with James Wan, Patrick Wilson. Hall of Heroes.
  • 7:15pm ET - Superman: Man of Tomorrow world premiere. WatchVerse.
  • 7:30pm ET - Shazam! panel with Zachary Levi and more. Hall of Heroes.
  • 8:00pm ET - Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game panel. Hall of Heroes.
  • 8:00pm ET - Lucifer panel with directors and producers. WatchVerse.
  • 9:30pm ET - The Batman panel with Matt Reeves + surprises. Hall of Heroes.
  • 9:45pm ET - Stargirl panel with cast + Geoff JohnsWatchVerse.
  • 10:30pm ET- Batwoman panel with cast and EPs. WatchVerse.
  • 11:15pm ET- Harley Quinn panel withh Cuoco, Bell, Funches, Oberrg, Tudyk, and more. WatchVerse.
       *   12:30am ET - Batman: Three Jokers panel with Johns and Fabok. WatchVerse.