Legends of the Dork Knight Special - Joker War Checklist

by Wes Greer on March 19, 2020

Legends of the Dork Knight Special
Guide to Joker War
DC Comics

Hey guys. I thought I would take the chance to give you an official Comics The Gathering checklist to the upcoming Joker War, which is set to be the biggest DC Multiverse crossover event since  The New 52 when Scott Snyder gave us the Night of the Owls story in Batman. Since James Tynion began his run in Batman with issue #86, he’s been laying out the groundwork for the epic and possible final battle between the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime himself and fans can’t get enough! I’ve seen tons of requests for a checklist so in true Batman nature, I am here to save the day! As soon as I have an official time line from DC I will update this list in order of the story arcs. Please be sure to let us know about your thoughts and any comments you have regarding the upcoming Joker War in the comments section below!

Without further ado, here is the official Comics the Gathering - Dork Knight Joker War Checklist!

  1. Batman #95 Joker War Part One
  2. Batman #96 Joker War Part Two
  3. Batman #97 Joker War Part Three
  4. Batman #98 Joker War Part Four
  5. Batman #99 Joker War Part Five
  6. Batman #100 Joker War Part Six Finale
  7. Batgirl #47 Joker War Tie-in
  8. Batgirl #48 Joker War Tie-in
  9. Batgirl #49 Joker War Tie-in
  10. Batgirl #50 Joker War Tie-in
  11. Catwoman #25 Joker War Tie-in
  12. Catwoman #26 Joker War Tie-in
  13. Detective Comics #1022 Joker War Tie-in
  14. Detective Comics #1023 Joker War Tie-in
  15. Detective Comics #1024 Joker War Tie-in
  16. Detective Comics #1025 Joker War Tie-in
  17. Detective Comics #1026 Joker War Tie-in
  18. Harley Quinn #75 Joker War Tie-in
  19. Nightwing #70 Joker War Tie-in
  20. Nightwing #71 Joker War Tie-in
  21. Nightwing #72 Joker War Tie-in
  22. Nightwing #73 Joker War Tie-in
  23. Nightwing #74 Joker War Tie-in
  24. Nightwing #75 Joker War Tie-in
  25. Red Hood and the Outlaws #48 Joker War Tie-in