legends of the dork knight issue #3

by Wes Greer on February 01, 2020

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Legends of The Dork Knight issue #3

Welcome back Bat-fam! I know I really dropped the ball the last two months but with Christmas and then some issue in my own personal life this month it’s been hard to sit down and have the time to bust out this blog, but I’m back in full swing and we are on track to keep this thing going every month again! The best (and worst) part of taking a two-month hiatus is that there has been so much new Batman news to cover that I can write for hours and hours and still have more to share with you guys! I appreciate all the support I received on Twitter when I announced I was having some personal issues and could not deliver this blog or any reviews for that week. That’s one of the best things about doing what I do is establishing myself in an amazing community of people I’ve never even met before in my life, but whose passions are the same as mine and something as minimal as Batman comic books has brought us all together. I am so grateful to be able to share my Bat-Passion with all of you guys and it truly means the world to me to have you guys on this journey with me! So, with that, let’s get to the latest in the world of The Batman!

James Tynion IV first Batman issue sells out ITS FIRST WEEK!

I remember on Batman day last year I was sitting in front of my computer watching the live press event where they were going to announce the new Batman writer and once they announced Tynion, I was like a kid on Christmas! Tynion has been behind some of the greatest Batman stories out there. Working alongside Scott Snyder in The New 52 Batman series, Batman Eternal, Batman TMNT, Batman and Robin, Detective Comics, Batman Lost and so many other titles. All of which have just been some of the most amazing Batman titles ever released and so it is only fitting that he would take over the reigns from former writer Tom King, who received a lot of mixed reviews for his 85-issue run in the series. Tynion makes first issue was Batman #86, and he came out of the gates strong redefining Batman right off rip and introducing some amazing new gadgets and a new set of foes, the likes we haven’t seen in a long time in a Batman story. Tony S. Daniel also came aboard for the first issue and the two round houses kicked the hell out of the first issue and got readers amped and hooked after only one issue! Batman #86 sold out shortly after its release date and has already been ordered for a second printing. That just tells you how well received he is as the new writer and with only two issues out so far, Batman is back on top as it should be since it’s the characters signature series! I have personally fallen in love with the new theme of Batman, and the introduction of new Bat-gadgets and the emotions of the character have me so excited to see where Tynion is able to take the rest of the series before it eventual re-boot, which I am very upset about but I won’t get into it right now. For now, I’m just enjoying the amazing ride we are on and can’t wait to see what’s to come for Batman with the current assassin’s issue and the amazing epilogues hinting towards a possible altercation with the Clown Prince of Crime himself!