First Look: DC's Batman 2020

by Wes Greer on October 21, 2019

As one Batman team exits, a new one enters.
By Wes Greer
Batman Reviewer

As we near the end of the year 2019, we also near the end of Tom King’s run on the current Batman series at DC. King will be stepping down from Batman after issue #85 that will be released this December and conclude the current ‘City of Bane’ storyline. King has had his ups and downs on his time with Batman, but lately a lot of fans have really felt like he hasn’t put forth the effort the Dark Knight deserves, and his departure is welcomed by many. Batman will have a new creative team stepping up to the plate beginning in January of 2020. The new creative team will consist of James Tynion IV and Tony Daniel. DC has just revealed that the new run will begin in January with a duel release of Batman #86 and Batman #87 to commemorate the start of Tynion and Daniel’s run. The kickoff story will include Deathstroke and an army of assassins descending on Gotham City looking to kill one of Batman’s biggest rogues.

This is what Tynion IV had to say about his and Tony Daniel’s goals for the new Batman run,

It’s honestly the chance to build something new and singular and of itself," Tynion told THR. “That’s the real goal here — to build something that’s in conversation with itself, as opposed to being reliant on the last few years, or work that we did five, 10 years ago. There are always going to be reflections, of course, and there are huge things that are happening this year in Batman that will define who the supporting cast of our book is in 2020. But we’re going to build it in such a way that anyone can pick it up and get something complete. That’s deeply, deeply important to both of us."

Here is the new cover art DC revealed for both Batman #86 and #87, as well as synopsis for the upcoming books.
*SPOILER WARNING* Synopsis may include mild spoilers for the current story line.

Batman 86 (2020) Cover Art

Batman No. 86
Written by James Tynion IV
Art by Tony S. Daniel and Danny Miki

Cover by Tony S. Daniel

It’s a new day in Gotham City, but not the same old Batman. With Bane vanquished and one of his longtime allies gone, Batman has to start picking up the pieces and stepping up his game. Batman has a new plan for Gotham City, but he’s not the only one. Deathstroke has returned as well, under a mysterious new contract that could change everything. 

Beginning a whole new chapter in the life of the Dark Knight, the epic art team of Tony S. Daniel and Danny Miki are joined by new series writer James Tynion IV!

On sale Jan. 8, 2020
$3.99 US  32 pages

Batman 87 (2020) Cover Art

Batman No. 87
Written by James Tynion IV
Art by Tony S. Daniel and Danny Miki
Cover by Tony S. Daniel


The Riddler has been lying low since his humiliating defeat as part of Bane’s army — but as costumed assassins start to make their way into Gotham City, Edward Nygma may have the answers he’s been looking for. Or at least, the answer to why Deathstroke is trying to kill him! Is it possible that Batman’s tussle with Slade Wilson was all just a ruse to get the killer closer to his true target?

On sale Jan 22, 2020
$3.99 US  32 pages

As the new Batman reviewer here on Comics The Gathering, I am most looking forward to these two books and writing about all the new writing, as well as art styles,and to be there from the beginning. Look for the new books and my reviews when they arrive January of 2020.

-Wes Greer