by spicytoilet on October 08, 2014

Happy upcoming Hallows Eve everyone, we here at COMICS THE GATHERING really want to get in the spirit and take turns sharing our favorite horror comics.



My absolute favorite horror comic book so far was IDW’s Monster & Madman.  It was written by Steve Niles; a writer with a very strong horror/suspense/terror pile of stories to his name.  The amazing creepy art duties were handled by Damien Worm.  His amazing lettering work was present here too.



Monster & Madman was a three issue miniseries that saw Frankenstein (The Monster) and Jack The Ripper (The Madman) co exist together in old London during the very late 1800s.  These two terribly horrific literary legends came together and shared a tale.



Worm’s art was very appropriate.  The occasionally scratched backdrops, the gloomy base colors and the sunken anatomy work was very well done and really lent so much to this title.  Even his lettering gave me the chills!  For a new comer, Damien made quite the impression.  



Frankenstein’s monster has morals, albeit a bit warped.  But his ethics exist.  He struggles with his immortality, being different, kind treatment from strangers and justice.  A roof over his head is offered to him by a kind older gentleman who eventually offers to make Frankenstein a bride.  



This woman will be made as per Dr Frankensteins original recipe and will share forever with the monster.  But there is no reciprocation, what will this deranged doctor get out of this?  As you probably guessed, the doctor is Jack The Ripper.  Not only will the Ripper be able to indulge in his favorite past time.  He will also be able to take his hobby into uncharted territory.  He’s killed before, but never has he been able to stitch and piece together various lady parts into one being.



The Ripper made a miscalculation though.  This monster was bright, intelligent and read the paper.  It didn’t take long before Frankenstein put one and one together and discovered that all the women in this “doctors” make shift lab were all the Rippers victims.  



The Monsters morality flared up and he put a memorable end to London’s Ripper problem.



I loved this book because of the obvious great art, story telling and proven formula.  But what made me its fan, what made me send issue one two and three into the CGC for their perfect 9.8’s was its impact.  It shocked me, made me feel unhinged a bit and always had me wondering what the hell was going to happen next.  It became worthy of being the best horror comic I have ever read.




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