by spicytoilet on August 19, 2014

So here it is, Think Alike Productions baby in all it's issue 2 glory.  The Agency #2 will be going live on Comixology tomorrow and it begs to entertain you.  Just click HERE for the Comixology page.

Issue #1 did what an issue #1 was supposed to do.  A solid foundation was laid out, mysteries arose and we got a glimpse of the bait that was being hanged over our heads.  So in comes issue #2 and reinforced issue #1 with a lot of meaning and origin.  The damned thing also adds an aura of "I'm gonna make you question stuff and wonder now."  I can sum this series up in three words, brilliant as hell.

So it's a preview, not a review.  You gotta buy it if you wanna know what's in there, but I can say this.  The art and colors in issue #2 are just as consistent as issue #1's.  The dialog is perfect too, The Think Alike cats did a great job with giving each character their own individual voices back in issue #1.  An amazing series for sure!

So buy #1, then #2 and read it in that order!



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