by spicytoilet on August 01, 2014

So the most unpronounceable weapon in the world will now be wielded by a female Thor.  Interestingly enough, the hammer reads “Whosoever holds this hammer, if HE be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor”.



It’s clear that this isn't a spin off character or a side kick.  This is Thor, and she’s got boobs.



And that’s cool, and as long as the story pulls everything together neatly I’m all for this.  But this is where this gets me, how does Thor no longer deserve to wield that damn hammer no one can pronounce?  That’s what I’m focusing on.



I’m trying my best to ignore Norse mythology, cuz you know….. Thor’s supposed to pee standing up and all.  



Then there’s the Twitter hate and man was it nasty.  Folks, Thor’s power is in the hammer.  He draws from it.  Kinda like how Batman uses his past to motivate his strength or the way a Lantern draws strength from a ring.  And yeah, the inscription does say “HE” and not “SHE” but why not she?  It seems like the spell Odin slapped on Mjolnir allows the hammer to have some sentience.  Or enough intelligence to decide who can wield it.  



If you aren’t with me on this one, your part of a larger problem.  The comic book industry lacks well written original female leads.  I for one am glad that the Mjolnir didn’t discriminate and found a loophole.  And kudos to Marvel for thinking outside the box.  Between this new Thor, Ms Marvel, the new Storm book plus others; Marvel is really trying different methods to reel in a larger audience.  This is progress folks.



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I have an annual of the xmen with storm on the cover wielding the hammer of thor, mjolnir....I am guessing the m is almost a silent m...more like m'jonir would probably be a more correct way to spell it



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Oh man I just googled it, never seen that one before.  Very dope