CTG's staff picks for January 2013

by Max M. on December 15, 2012

10. Legend of Luther Strode #2 (of 6)

Writer: Justin Jordan   Artist: Tradd Moore

Release Date: 1/9/13


Why it made the list: Coming off the surprise hit of "The Strange Talent of Luther Strode," Issue 1 kept up the series success. Issue 2 promises more answers to the mysteries of the end of 'Strange Talent" and we are excited about if it can keep the momentum up after all these strong issues.


Max M.- I cant wait. Issue 1 blew me away with it's quality and Jordan is now becoming a more complete writer.



9. Swamp Thing #16

Writer: Scott Snyder   Artist: Yanick Paquette

Release Date: 1/9/2013


Why it made the list: The long saga of the rotworld is now coming to a close. This latest arc Swamp Thing landed in the middle of Gotham City and the issue centers on what the Rot did to the residents of Arkham Asylum.


JohnP- Conclusion of the Green Kingdom storyline. Setup for the grand finale of Rotworld which Snyder promises is a game changer. And it's gonna feature some rotted-out Batman villains all drawn by Yanick Paquette.



8. New Avengers #1

Written By: Jonathan Hickman   Artist: Steve Epting

Release Date: 1/2/2013


Why it made the list: New Avengers has a completely different tone from the previous stories. Here is an excerpt from the preview: It's the most powerful and brilliant team in the Marvel Universe--The Black Panther, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, Mister Fantastic, Namor the Sub-Mariner and The Beast--against an infinite legion of parallel realities.



Max M- I didn't have much interest in the New Avengers when it was first announced, but after I read Avengers one by Hickman I can't let any new Avengers (no pun intended) titles written by Hickman pass me by. Also nothing better than seeing Black Bolt as a mainstay for the new team.



7. Masks #3

Writer: Chris Roberson   Artist: Dennis Calero

Release Date: TBA January


Why it made the list: Masks 1 and 2 have both been recieving positive reviews from alot of different outlets. Masks is now becoming a series to look out for. Having legend Alex Ross make covers helps as well.


JohnP- Spider. Shadow. Green Hornet. Kato. Black Bat. No explanation necessary.



6. Batman #16

Written by: Scott Snyder   Artist: Greg Capullo

Release Date: 1/16/2012


Why it made the list: "Death of the Family" has been the most well received cross over event of the year. Mostly all of the tie in comics have been receiving positive reviews, but the main series has been near perfect.


Max M. - I can wax poetic all day about how I feel about Capullo on this book. This will be a run that will be talked about for years. If the ending can keep up with the beginning, then Death of the Family may be a run we talk about for decades.



5. Superior Spider-Man #1

Writer: Dan Slott   Artist: Ryan Stegman

Release Date: 1/9/2013


Why it made the list: Say what you will about Dan Slott and Amazing Spider-Man, but everyone is talking about it. There's so much discussion on this comic that it's even making non spidey fans take notice.


LucStClair- This hot item will probably be on everyone's list. I'm excited for sure.

Max M.- I only read the Ultimate Universe of Spidey, but this whole lead up to #700 and release of Superior has made me borderline obsessed with it's mysteries and reveals.



4. Manhattan Projects #9

Writer: Jonathan Hickman   Artist: Ryan Brown & Jordie Ballaire

Release Date: 1/9/2013


Why it made the list: Hickman again! MH is telling a huge story and is now ramping up on it's second (or 15th arc if you've been reading it) major arc.


JohnP- Oppenheimer is my favorite character so far in a cast of fascinating characters. The last time the story focused on him was my favorite issue, and the idea for this one sounds like it will be even better.



3. Star Wars

Writer: Brian Wood   Artist: Carlos D'Anda

Release Date: 1/9/2013


Why it made the list: Brian Wood is one of the more consistent writers right now with his work on The Massive and Conan the Barbarian. The series also returns to its root and is focused in the "classic" universe. 


LucStClair- I look forward to Wood's unique writing style and what he'll bring to the table for this much beloved franchise.



2. Sweet Tooth #40

Writer: Jeff Lemire   Artist: Jeff Lemire

Release Date:  1/9/2013


Why it made the list: Lemire's acclaimed Vertigo title comes to an end with this issue. It will be sad to see it go.



1. Saga #9

Written by:  Brian K. Vaughn   Artist: Fiona Staples

Release Date: 1/16/2013


Why it made the list: The most consistent ongoing series of the year even with a break. Every issue has been outstanding and the series still continues to get better each month.


LucStClair- What can I say? Every issue is exceptional.

JohnP-  Dude, It's fucking saga!

Max M- What John P said.








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