Movember in Comics : Top 10 Comic Book Characters Moustaches

by lucstclair on November 09, 2013

Well it’s November again, or should I say Movember. To celebrate Movember, I thought I’d gather up some great comic book character’s moustaches, some are awesome, while others are just down right silly. Here’s my Top 10 Best and Worst ‘Staches :
#10) Angar The Screamer : His super powerful sonic scream may a suitable offence against super heroes, but unfortunately, Angar screams the 70’s, a vest without a shirt and a red handle bar moustache, yikes!  
#9) Batroc The Leaper : An expert in savate, this French Captain America bad guy is zee very definition of a moustache twirling villain. En garde Monsieur!
#8) The Mandarin : Forget Ben Kingsley, The real Mandarin’s facial Fu-Man Chu ‘stache has a sophisticated look and says “Yes, I have a wonderful moustache, but check out my rings!”
#7) Hogun : One of Asgard’s Warriors Three, Hogun’s biker bushy face belongs on Sons of Anarchy.
#6) Kraven The Hunter : Move over Tom Selleck, the only thing thicker than Kraven’s need to hunt, is his biker ‘stache.
#5) Volstagg : Another one of Asgard’s Warriors Three, Volstagg’s larger than life (or stomach) is matched only by his beautiful beard and tremendously slick moustache.
#4) Fandral : The last of Asgard’s Warriors Three, Fandral’s a smooth talking god that has a small, but affective moustache that drives the ladies crazy.
#3) Dum Dum Dugan : This ass-kicking S.H.I.E.L.D. agent may wear a funny hat sometimes, but his death stare is as powerful as his thick crimson whiskers, make no mistake, this guy has seen a lot of action.
#2) Green Arrow/Oliver Queen : This Justice Leaguer’s golden facial hair is pure gentleman and makes him smoother with the ladies than Bruce Wayne on ladie’s night.
#1) Iron Man/Tony Stark : Billionaire. Genius. Playboy. Philanthropist. Good looks. Need I say more?