Dredd co-creator Carlos Ezquerra passes away

by Gavin Johnston on October 01, 2018

Legendary artist Carlos Ezquerra passed away today, at the age of 70.


Carlos was probably best known for his work for 2000AD. Along side writer John Wagner, he was responsible for the creation of the comic's two big hitters, Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog.  He also worked for a range of other comics.


Dredd’s elaborate gold-heavy uniform was based heavily on the Spanish fascists, a regime the Carlos lived under for many years. Famous for his exotic and strange mega-cities, gritty landscapes and big, chunky characters, Carlos’s very European style help define much of the look of the comic.


Hugely respected by others working in the industry, Carlos seemed genuinely touched by the high regard he was held in by his fans.  His contribution to British comics is unparralleled and he will be sorely missed.

The iconic ending of Judgment Day, which saw the titans Dredd and Alpha team up to save the world.   


The brutal climax of Strontium Dog: Rage.  

Dredd's fateful decision towards the end of the epic Apocalypse War storyline.

Carlos's first Dredd story was deemed too violent for the fledgling comic, and wasn't printed in 2000AD.  His Mega City One landscape was printed in Prog 3, and helped define the look of Dredd's world.

The "Kids Rule OK" cover for 1977's Action.  The story was so controversial, the publisher ended production of Action and pulped 200,000 copies.