Visiting Trades: Intro

by BradBabendir on December 30, 2012


I’ve decided, because I’m an adult and occasionally have the weight and power to decide things, that I’m going to start writing blogs about each of the Trades that I read. Though there are some weeks where I get my fill of writing from reviewing alone (and unfortunately, those weeks have not been common recently), I find myself to be relatively insatiable in that regard, and so I’ve created a new outlet for myself out of thin air.

But Brad, you say, how will you talk about these Trades? Aren’t they (quite literally) old news? Also, you’re an idiot and I don’t like you, but that’s really neither here nor there right now. And this joke that you’re telling right now isn’t funny and you should stop it as soon as possible.

Well, I’ll say, you’re technically right about a couple of things (literal old news, idiocy, etc), but my hope is to talk about each book in a unique fashion, to put them in a different light. I hope to talk about how they changed the way that things are done, or how they influenced my view of the current landscape in the world of comics, or how they fit into pop culture in general, or any other way to look at it. Sometimes I’ll me making dangerous, drastic stretches, but hopefully, most of the time, I’ll say something that makes a little bit of a sense and help add to the ongoing discussion in the fantastic world of comic books.

That’s just about all of the introduction anybody has time for, I’d assume, and very shortly I’ll get to posting my first blog, and with the reading that I’ve been doing lately, I promise that will be swiftly followed by a second, likely a third, and maybe even a fourth.

It’s winter break, I’ve got a lot of time.

For anyone wondering, I’m going to start with American Vampire Volume #1, then probably Saga, then Y: The Last Man Books 1 & 2. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 1 & 2, and who knows after that. Also, that's a picture of my cat, in a garbage bag with wrapping paper. So, you're welcome.

Gear up, folks. Shit’s about to get freaky.