Batman Beyond the White Knight #8 Review

by Wes Greer on February 14, 2023

Writer / Art – Sean Gordon Murphy
Colors – Dave Stewart
Letters – AndWorld Design
Publisher – DC Comics Black Label

If you have never read one of my previous White Knight reviews or if you don’t follow me on Twitter, the White Knight universe, or “Murphyverse” has been one of my favorite Elseworlds / Black Label Batman stories of all time and going not this issue I was excited and sad at the same time because this is the final issue of this arc, but I was delightfully excited after I finished reading it and I think most other fans will feel the same way after they have finished it as well.

Batman Beyond the White Knight #8 is the finale issue to what has been another exciting installment in the Murphyverse and while most of the finale issues in this series have been exceptional, this is easily the most exciting and explosive of the franchise to date! Sean Gordon Murphy really lays it all out in this issue with Bruce, Terry, and the rest of the Bat family, including a Joker hologram program, going all out to finish things with Blight once and for all and rescuing Joker and Harley’s daughter. From the first panel to the last, Murphy delivers excitement and action sequences while sprinkling in a bit of humor from time to time courtesy of the awkward love triangle between Bruce, Harley, and the Joker program which all blends to bring one of the best issues of the franchise to life. While I was a bit upset going in because this was the last issue of this installment, the end of this story lays the foundation for a huge shift in the White Knight universe that I don’t think any reader saw coming and I know for myself personally, I was beyond thrilled and excited for how Murphy ended this issue as he places the cherry on top of the icing, so to say. I really try to separate my love for this series when I review it to stay objective, but this issue is just done so well that there is really nothing negative I can say about it, Just a solid story from beginning to end.

The art of the issue is another prime example of the talents Murphy posses as an artist, delivering a solid body of work with beautiful line art, character designs, world designs, and panel work. One of the things I enjoy most about reading comics created by artists who are also the writers is that they are bale to bring these stories together in the original way they imagined themselves and it adds a special kind of magic to these comics and Beyond the White Knight #8 is a shining example of just this. To top the incredible artwork by Murphy, colorist Dave Stewart adds his exceptional talents and really adds the wow factor to the visuals of this story, bringing the emotions and tones f the story to life with his vivid colors and brilliant highlights.

Overall, Batman Beyond the White Knight #8 is an exceptional final chapter to this arc with fast paced action, excitement, and humor bundled with a beautiful visual aesthetic that really sets this comic apart from any other Batman comic on shelves. One of the most exciting issues in the White Knight universe that ends on a high note that will leave readers in awe.

Batman Beyond the White Knight #8 is in shops today as well as available via digital format through your preferred digital retailer.
  • Wes Greer

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