The Scorched #9 Review

by Wes Greer on August 24, 2022

Writer - Sean Lewis
(Additional Script – Todd McFarlane)
Art – Stephen Segovia
Colors – Ulises Arreola
Publisher – Image Comics

After a week with no Spawn titles, readers get not just one issue, but two, starting with the Scorched #9, which takes readers on a journey into the past of Medieval Spawn and his history as well as the birth and history of the Black Plague Spawn.

The Scorched #9 serves more as a history lesson for Medieval and Plague than an issue used to move the current events of the story forward, but it is a much-needed piece of the larger puzzle to help readers understand why Medieval feels as he does and why he wants to be a part of the team’s current fight. Writer Sean Lewis does an excellent job with the pacing of this issue as it jumps back and forth through timelines, giving just enough to keep readers interests piqued and offering bits of shock and excitement, which builds as readers progress through the issue. I know personally I was so vested in the story that when I got to the end of the issue, I felt almost like t was a lot shorter than the other issues and wanted it to keep going. Just another solid addition to this series, from a writer who has really found his groove and knows how to deliver a story that keeps readers coming back for more.

Then you have the art of this series, which I could go on and on about just how much I love the work of artist Stephen Segovia and the world he has built in this series, but ill keep it sweet and to the point for times sake. In this issue, Segovia delivers another beautiful body of work with his incredible line art and ingenious character designs, delivering one of the most amazing looking Medieval Spawn designs we’ve seen in any Spawn title. Colorist Ulises Arreola then adds the cherry on top of the cake with vivid colors and brilliant shadows that tie all the other elements of this story together and bring the emotions of it all to life.

The lettering of the issue is all clear and easily read, as you would expect from ANDWORLD DESIGN. I don’t know if it was just the review copy or if it made its way not the book, but I did find one part where there was a letter missing in a word, but as they say on the Spawn Subreddit page, it wouldn’t be a Spawn book without editorial or grammar mistakes.

Overall, The Scorched #9 is primarily used to offer back matter but is done so in a way that offers just as much energy and excitement readers have come to know from this series and is brought to life by a dynamic art team that consistently delivers one of the best-looking worlds, we have seen in any Spawn series past or present. This is one you want to be sure to pick up and dive not ASAP!

The Scorched #9 is available now and you can pick up a copy from your local comic bookstore or via digital download from your preferred digital retailer.
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-Wes Greer

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