Batman the Imposter #1 Review

by Wes Greer on October 13, 2021

Writer – Mattson Tomlin
Artist – Andrea Sorrentino
Colorist – Jordie Bellaire
Publisher – DC Comics Black Label

Batman the Imposter gives comic readers their first look into the film world of the upcoming “The Batman “which is set to release early next year and sets the tone for what we can come to expect. The series focuses on a more realistic style Gotham City and explores what it would be like to have a real city on earth where Batman existed as well as some of his famed Rogues Gallery. The Batman film co-writer Mattson Tomlin is joined by Gideon Falls artist, Andrea Sorrentino to bring a gripping new Batman story to life and it truly separates itself from other current Bat titles.

The story of this first issue introduces readers to what has been sold as a modern, more realistic Gotham City which is set to exist in the same world as the upcoming film. The story introduces us to this version of Bruce Wayne as Batman and revolves around the psyche of Bruce through the introduction of Ledru. Leslie Thompkins. As the story progresses, readers are given a glimpse of the more brutal Gotham, but it really fails to deliver anything we have not really seen before, and majority of the story focuses on the mindset of Bruce as he deals with his escapades as Batman and the escalation he has caused to the city and its criminal elite.  Although it falls short of what it has been publicized up to be, Tomlin still delivers an exciting and gripping story that excites readers as they read on and delivers plenty of intrigue to keep readers on board.

The art of this issue from Andrea Sorrentino on the other hand, truly delivers on the tones that readers go into this issue expecting. Gritty line art and character designs that really deliver a unique and realistic tone that excites readers visually with some of the most unique and profound panel work I think I have ever seen. The blend of the two aspects really makes this story stand out and is just a phenomenal visual experience. The colors from Jordie Bellaire are the chefs kiss on top-of-the-line art, brings the emotions of the story to life with muddy darks and brilliant shadows and tones.

Overall, Batman the Imposter #1 delivers a solid story that is more grounded than usual but falls a little short of the premise that was publicized up around it. The art of the issue however does live up to the premise and is one of the most stunning and dynamic visuals I have seen in a DC book since Sorrentino” s last work in Joker Killer Smile. I highly recommend this issue to anyone looking for a grounded Batman story or to anyone interested in the upcoming film and do not think to many readers will be disappointed after diving into this issue.

Batman the Imposter @one is available now at your local comic bookstore as well as digital format from your preferred digital retailer.

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-Wes Greer

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