Batman the Detective #1 Review

by Wes Greer on April 13, 2021

Writer – Tom Taylor
Art – Andy Kubert
Colors – Brad Anderson
Letters – Clem Robins
Publisher – DC Comics

I know what you’re thinking, another Batman series from DC? Ever since DC wrapped things up on Future State, it seems they e been relying heavily on Batman titles to boost the line up, and while fans of other characters may be a bit frustrated, this hates y Batman launch of Infinite Frontier seems to be working and it’s because of the amazing creative teams they have put whined these titles. Batman the Detective adds to that creative powerhouse bringing on fan favorite writer Tom Taylor alongside legendary artist Andy Kubert and a colorist whose been attached to just about every major selling book DC has out right now, Brad Anderson. These three names alone build fan hype and then put them behind a new Batman title that takes Batman out of Gotham and you’ve got your golden goose of Bat titles and this first issue proves that to be true.

For this first issue, Tom Taylor does not hold anything back when it comes to the depths of emotional turmoil as his script opens with a  wry dark event that is caused by a small group acting as terrorists that blame Batman for their actions. As the event unfolds, Taylor offers up narration from a Bruce Wayne, who is questioning everything about not only his actions as Batman, but questions his entire existence as he finds himself in utter pain over his loss of everything and everyone in his family. Taylor delivers some truly deep and emotional dialogue that makes the reader actually feel the pain. Rice is in at this point of the story that also serves as the catalyst for  Bruce leaving Gotham altogether as he heads to Europe to investigate the terrorist act that he feels responsible for. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such an emotional connection to the opening of a story like this and if I have, it’s always been from a book written by Taylor. Since the story takes place away from Gotham, Taylor introduces us to some new characters as well as ones we haven’t seen in quite some time which is a welcome break from the other Batman titles where we know what to expect from the supporting characters which helps bring some new excitement and enjoyment to this issue because we don’t really know what to expect from these characters. Taylor also uses this issue to build upon the world of other stories he has written by introducing elements from his previous works including a story about John Constantine and an item he gave Bruce at one time, which Batman uses in this issue that is a neat Easter egg to make the world of this series feel bigger and interconnected. The pacing of this issue builds as we flip the pages  and Taylor does a phenomenal job of bringing the Detective aspect of Batman front and center as the story really revolves around his intellect as he tries to piece together information and we learn that there is so much more tone unfolded in future issues. Truly an emotional rollercoaster of a story that leaves readers full of intrigue and asking questions and all around delivers a solid new title in the Batman line of stories.

The art of this issue also really helps set it apart from any other Batman title out there right now. Legendary artist Andy Kubert adds his talents to bringing Taylor’s story to life while introducing readers to a world that we haven’t seen before. The character designs Kubert uses transform the standard visuals we have become used to with most Batman titles using similar designs that kind of blend together as of late. For this series we see a  Bruce that looks a bit older than what we’ve seen on other titles as well as a  rice that has a much bigger physique that kind of echoes that of the design in The Dark Knight Returns. Just a massive build of a man that you would not want to cross. We also get an entirely new design for the Batsuit in this series which is just phenomenal   looking on top of the physique Kubert uses in the character design. We get a more tactical looking suit with Batman having a large trench coat over the top of it which helps to sell the difference in elements  as Bruce is no longer in Gotham and now finds himself in a dark and dreary part of Europe and has adjusted the suit to better brace the weather and elements he now faces. Just a genius design that helps readers differentiate the atmosphere of the story. Kubert also brings beautiful designs to the new supporting characters we meet in this story and brings the terrain of Europe to life with his incredible background details and stunning line art as well as inks to create a new world for the Dark Knight to explore. Colorist  rad Anderson adds the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to bringing the world to life with his impressive color palette in this issue that brings all the emotions of the art to life with his brilliant darks and highlights that create a moody atmosphere for this issue that echoes the realism of the world.

Oveall, Batman the Detective #1 takes readers on an emotional dive into a world where Batman is trying to find himself again while dealing with the loss of everything he once held dear through an emotional script delivered by Taylor that is brought to life with stunning visuals that create a new world for readers to get lost in. In my opinion, this is the best first issue DC has released this year.

Batman the Detective is available today so make sure you pick up a copy and add it to the top of your reading pile. This is now one you sent going to want to wait on

-Wes Greer 

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