Killadelphia #7 review

by Wes Greer on August 26, 2020

Writer – Rodney Barnes
Art - Jason Shawn Alexander
Colors – Luis NCT
Publisher – Image Comics

Well, after an incredible final issue of the first story arc, Killadelphia returns with issue #7 to start an all new story arc titled ‘Burn baby Burn”. After reading the first six issues and knowing just how deep Barnes can go with his story, I was excited immediately based on that title alone and I was intrigued by what kinds of visual magic we were going to see from Jason Alexander whose art is just so unique and really is something you would imagine to see in your nightmares/  Issue #6 ended on a more emotional and inspiring note but issue #7 starts heavy right out of the gate.

For issue #7, Barnes begins his story by re-introducing readers to James Sangster Jr. who was a main character in the first arc and he introduces readers into the current state of things in Philadelphia with Sangster Jr. narrating the opening sequence and explain that death means so much more now in the city. We also learn that this issue takes place 6 months after John Adams and his vampires started to become an issue in the city and we learn how the city as well as those who were involved in the first arc have adapted to the new threat in the city. After the re-introduction in the beginning, Barnes then begins to take us on an exciting thrill ride building up to an escalation point in the issue. The way this issue is written is fantastic as with the re-introduction of the characters and events, new readers can jump on to the new issue and have enough information to enjoy the issue as the story unfolds. The writing stays a steady pace and we are also introduced to some new characters who we learn may have some dangerous long-term effects to a city that already has enough issues. Barnes does an excellent job keeping the reader’s attention the entire issue and rewarding us with some exciting as well as bone chilling moments. After the last issue, I was curious if Barnes were going to be able to entertain and excite as much in this new arc and he really delivered something beyond what I ever could have imagined.

I really hate having to try to review the art of this series because Jason Alexander may be one of the best artists in the medium and just raised the bar with everything he does. Alexander has such a beautiful and terrifying style to his art that it just blows my mind that I am looking at it in a comic book. The way he does his art really looks more like a series of gorgeous paintings that belong in a collection or a museum and Alexander is able to add his own narrative to the story with his art alone which is something we don’t really see in comics anymore. Reviewing his artwork is like trying to do a review of the Mona Lisa and its almost impossible. The character designs are all flawless and the details he adds are where his art really shines with the shadows and photo realism. Just an incredible job overall. The colors also are almost perfect as Alexander has only ever worked with Luis NCT so the pair have pretty much figured out each other’s strengths and what they can do on their own to lend to the others influence which just makes it look that much more incredible.

Overall, Killadelphia #7 is an exciting a steady paces story that is a great jumping on point for new readers, but rewards previous readers with a new spin on the old city and even more pending doom and gloom. The art is flawless and so beautiful and terrifying at the same time and you do not know if your dreaming or in a nightmare which adds so much to the already adrenaline spiking story of this issue. Killadelphia #7 is available today so be sure to head to your local shop as soon as you can because this one will not stay on the shelf long. If you are a new reader to the series, this issue is also a great point to jump in on and get hooked on the tale that is, Killadelphia!

=Wes Greer

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