That Texas Blood #3 Review

by Wes Greer on August 26, 2020

Writer – Chris Condon
Art – Jacob Phillips
Publisher – Image Comics

Well… After only two issues, That Texas Blood has spiked the interests of comic fans and rightfully so. It is not often that we see a new series from a couple of new creators have such an impact so fast but Chris Condon and Jacob Phillips have proven they are not your average new creators and are cementing their names into all comic fans across the world with the intrigue of their new series, firing on all cylinders from page one of issue one. This might be the creative team to beat come next years Eisner awards and I am so glad to have been a part of this remarkable new series from day one.

That Texas Blood #3 takes readers back into the heart of a small Texas town where we have already been introduced to Sheriff Jim Bob and his wife as well as given a bit of his back story and we also get to see a bit more of the back story of Randy, who was introduced in issue two but as the story continues we learn there is more to Randy than meets the eye and Condon does an excellent job in this new issue taking readers along for a ride as we explore both characters pasts as well as what kind of dark future may lie ahead for them. The pacing of the story feels almost like that of a film and readers are given more and more intrigue as we turn page by page and Condon teaches us, we cannot judge a book by its cover so to say. The events play out in a shocking and twisting way and we are left wanting more as we come to the final panel wondering what wild and twisted turns are next for the series.

The art od this story is probably some of my favorite out there right now because Jacob Phillips has really created something just so unique and it doesn’t look like anything else out there right now which can sometimes be a dangerous game but in this case he has created something incredible that really sells the tone of the story and creates its own twisted and beautiful world. The character designs are all fantastic and while they have a comic animation feel, they also have such a realistic tone to them with stunning detail given to every character that is then brought to fruition with the incredible color style. For a story that has a more dark and mysterious tone, Phillips uses some more bright and vivid colors that echo a real life Texas feel while delivering brilliant darks and shadows at times that also reflect the darker tones of the story when necessary.  The overall blend of all the art works just creates such an original and beautiful world that really takes the readers into a new land and leaves little to the imagination because of the overall attention to detail. Just one of the coolest looking comics out there and as time goes on you can see the perfection of Philips’ craft as he fine tunes his skills issue by issue.

Overall, That Texas Blood #3 delivers and intriguing mystery style story that takes readers on an emotional ride leaving us wanting to find out more and more about our characters pasts as well as their futures and the art takes us into a beautiful new world full of darkness and mystery that makes us feel as though we are living in the pages of the story. This is what makes this series so great and it seems that every issue just pulls the reader in deeper and deeper and we can not wait to see what is next in this series. If that wasn’t enough, there is even a playlist that readers can play in the back of issue #2 that sets the tone for this issue as well and complete the ultimate submersion into the world that these two have created and its such a welcomed feature right now with everything going on in the world, we can escape for 15 minutes or so and get lost in the world of That Texas Blood. That Texas Blood #3 is available now at your local comic shop so do yourself a favor and pick it up right now and get lost in the world Condon and Phillips have created for us.

-Wes Greer

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