Batman #92 Review

by Wes Greer on June 09, 2020

Batman #92 Review
Writer – James Tynion IV
Art – Guillem March
Colors – Tomeu Morey
Letters – Clayton Cowles 
Publisher – DC Comics

After what feels like forever, Batman is back on store shelves. Before the Covid 19 pandemic hit, many fans were praising the current Batman story and we were teased with Joker War and we were all on the hook. We were also teased with issue 92 being the first full appearance of Punchline so preorders went through the roof in anticipation and then everything got put on hold and we were all left to sit in that excitement and try to fill time waiting for what we all believed to be an incredible issue. Granted it is a great addition to the current story line and now we are back on track for Joker War, this issue doesn’t really live up to the three months of hype behind it.

Batman #92 takes is right back into the action of Gotham City. Batman is thrown into immediate turmoil as he is still in a situation with trying to get Deathstroke to help him after their battle in the last issue and in common Batman fashion, a new challenge is issued to the Dark Knight by the Riddler. What unfolds after is a steady bit of enjoyment but there isn’t much excitement to keep us on that hook we all bit into. Tynion uses this issue as kind of a filler until we get on to the next issue but he is able to at least keep us entertained with the more intelligent aspects of Batman and his ability to put think the Riddler. This issue also goes back to showing is what Harley Quinn and Catwoman are you to and their journey sets us up with an inevitable battle in the next issue that fans of Harley and Punchline have been waiting to see. The first real appearance of Punchline is really kind of a let down but we get a lot of entertainment from Harley in her witty remarks towards the Jokers new gal-pal. The issue ends in what might be the most exciting part of the story and again sets us up for another epic throw down in the next issue. All in all, the wait for this issue doesn’t feel like it was justified as it only really sets up the big events we’ve been waiting for in the next issue but at least we know what’s to come and we are not on the hook waiting anymore for Batman to return.

For the art of this issue, we see the return of Guillem March who has previously done some work on this story arc. March does an amazing job picking up  where he and Jorge Jimenez left off and returns us to the dark and twisted world he has created for the series. The darker and twisted character designs from March are some of my favorite to ever be done in a Batman story and he adds his own style to characters that Jimenez has worked on or created such as Punchline and it all comes together beautifully. When Tomeu Morey is on colors, I almost feel like I don’t need to review his colors because he always finds a way to really set himself apart from others. His color work on this issue really brings the darkness of March’s work to life and he does a brilliant job creating textures as well as odd and eerie lighting to the artwork of March. All the colors used have a dark ambience to them but are vivid and sharp to really make the images pop almost. The lettering of this issue is clean and crisp and easily read and there were no instances where I had an issue reading it. The art team behind this issue really knocked it out of the park and created an incredible tone for the story. 

Even though this issue isn’t as exciting as I had hoped it would be, Tynion and crew still were able to deliver an entertaining story that really gets readers back into the flow of Batman and now we know for sure we should be super excited to jump into the next issue based off of the events in this one and the amazing final page. As a life long Harley fan I am also pumped to get into the battle between her and Punchline and I really don’t know how this one is going to end. With DC pulling the plug on Harleys story after issue #75, anything can happen to her now. Obviously, I don’t see her being killed off but we never know what can happen to these characters. Batman #92 is available today of your LCS is using one of DC’s new distributors and is also avaibke via digital so head to your local comic shop as soon as you are done reading this! Batman is back and this is going to be an issue that sells out quick!

-Wes Greer 

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