Batman Curse of the White Knight #8 Review

by Wes Greer on March 24, 2020

Writer – Sean Murphy
Art – Sean Murphy
Colors – Matt Hollingsworth
Letters – AndWorld Design
Publisher – DC Black Label

Well, here we are at the end of what has been one of the most exciting Batman stories in years. After the amazing art and story Murphy gave us in the original White Knight series I knew right away that Curse was going to be a great story but now having read every issue I can honestly say that Murphy has blown every expectation I had out of the water. Finding new and exciting ways to entertain us and keep us guessing issue by issue and then giving us the conclusion in this issue. This series is the first full series I have reviewed since joining the team here at Comics the Gathering and I am so glad it was because not only has it been one of the best stories I’ve ever read, I can honestly say it is the best series I have reviewed so far and will always mean so much to me as it was the beginning of my Comic reviewing career. I couldn’t have asked for a better series to be my first and look forward to the future of this title.

Curse of the White Knight #8 starts right where the last issue left off after Bruce had revealed himself to be the Batman to all of Gotham City. Asking for all the citizens of Gotham to give him their trust and stay off the streets so he could hunt down Azrael. In this issue Batman begins the search for Azrael with the help of the GTO and after finding his location we get into one of the most exciting and epic fights of any Batman story of the last couple years. Murphy does an amazing job keeping us readers glued to the pages as page by page we get deeper and deeper into the excitement and Murphy stays true to the basis of Batman’s mission but gives us an internal conflict that comes from within the pride of Bruce Wayne and the conflictions leads Batman to do something that we have never seen before. We also see a bit more interaction and emotion in this issue between Bruce and Dick and there is a deep emotional connection shown that really helps batman in this final crusade. The end of this story is a beautiful sendoff with a couple twists and turns and really sets up a continuation of this world into another instalment which made me giddy inside because the way this issue ends sets up a possibility of numerous stories that can follow, all of which excite the mind. Its just an amazing way to end such an incredible story and set up readers to want more and more!

As always, the art of this story is completely on point as Murphy is not only the writer, but the artist and is able to do some incredible work by drawing the magic that he created as he originally invisoned it to look. White Knight has some of the most amazing character designs that we have ever been giving and personally is one of my all-time favorite batman designs. The art style stays true to the tone of this story and really creates an amazing and emotionally visual for the reader to enjoy throughout. Every Panel is drawn with as much detail as possible and there is no lack of detail in characters as well as backgrounds and scenes. All the pencil work is smooth and complete and there is zero lack of detail or imagination. Matt Hollingsworth has proven himself since day one and does not let up at all with this final issue. The colors used in this issue are beautiful and vivid and do not take anything away from the original art but instead make it that much more amazing. The colors used set an incredible tone to the story on top of the artwork and helps to create a complete stunning work. AndWorld Design adds the finishing touch to this story by giving us very clear lettering that is easily read and does not take away from any of the art or panel work. Just a stunning overall job by the entire creative team.

This final issue just couldn’t be any better and is a fantastic way to end what has been an incredible run. It is sad to me to see this story come to an end, but I am so thankful for the way it was ended because it brings the entire story full circle and sets up so many possibilities for the future of the series. An intricately written story that keeps the reader guessing and full of mystery and suspense and an astonishing art style that sell the emotion of the story visually, Batman Curse of the White Knight will go down as one of the greatest batman stories ever told. Issue #8 is available now so head to your local comic shop and pick it up! As of right now it is unknown if shops will have it or not but if not, you can also buy and read the issue digitally from several online retailers.

-Wes Greer

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