Batman #90 Review

by Wes Greer on March 04, 2020

Batman #90 Review
Writer – James Tynion IV
Art – Jorge Jimenez
Colors – Tomeu Morey
Letters – Clayton Cowles
Publisher – DC Comics

Well, Batman has been in full demand as of late thanks to the introduction of not just one, but two new villains who have entered into the rogue’s gallery. People are so intrigued by these characters that the last issue sold out and went into a second printing and this issue has done the exact same thing. As a collector this really stinks because I want the first print copy ASAP but by the time, I get to my local shop they are always sold out and then scalped on eBay for five times the cover price. As a Batman fan though I am thrilled that the main title can’t be kept in stock. So many people are into what Tynion has done and I’m just so glad that Batman’s main title is back on top where it belongs.

Batman #90 is a bit of a different pace from what we’ve been giving the last few issues. It really gives us a lot of background information and answers a lot of questions that us readers have been asking about who The Designer is and what all the other villains have been talking about and why they are all so fearful. There isn’t a whole lot of excitement in this issue, but we do understand the current escalation of things in Gotham and having all the information provided really helps pay the groundwork for all the hints we’ve been given about the upcoming Joker War. This issue ends off on a pretty impactful cliffhanger though and does get us thrilled to see what’s to come. I really wish I could go into more, but I don’t want to spoil anything for you guys, especially with this issue that really fills in the gaps between the story. Tynion does an amazing job with his writing, making sure to find ways to keep us entertained in a more information-based issue and still throws in the twists and turns we’ve come to expect in his stories. 

The art of this issue is just stunning and really is the big selling point of this issue other than the background of The Designer. Jorge Jimenez is an artist who I have really come to appreciate after reading and reviewing his work in Scott Snyder’s run of Justice League and when he announced he was going to be the artist for Batman starting with this issue, I knew we were all in for a visual treat. Jimenez really ups his game in this issue continuing on the current designs as well as giving us some amazing new yet familiar designs of the characters when we are taken back in time. I absolutely love his throw back Catwoman in this issue and really just did a beautiful job all around not only in character design but also details and panel work. This issue has some of my most favorite work yet from Jimenez and I can’t say enough about how phenomenal his design of Harley Quinn is in the beginning of this issue. It’s just beautiful work. Add in the famous Tomeu Morey in colors and you already know jist from that name that there is not a single flaw anywhere in the issue and Clayton Cowles works his magic like always, giving us clear and clean letters that can easily be read throughout the entire issue. Another all-around bang-up job from the art team behind Batman, and I can’t wait to see what other magical works we get from this series.
Batman has just been so much fun to read as well as review and I’m so excited to be a part of what might be the greatest Batman story in a long time. I can’t speak to the future, but I know the path Tynion has payed out so far really points to something amazing in the works and the fact that issues are selling out before they even hit stands just proves what I’ve been saying from the beginning. It’s also been so amazing to see all these art greats adding their touch to this amazing story and just making it that much more bad ass! Batman #90 is available today so hop into your Batmobile or Bat-Moped and get to your local comic shop and pick it up and see for yourself! Of course, assuming you will even be able to find a physical copy that is. If not, you can always download the digital copy directly from DC using the DC Comics app on your Android or iOS device.

-Wes Greer 


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