Batman Superman #5 Review

by Wes Greer on December 18, 2019

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Art- David Marquez
Colors – Alejandro Sanchez
Publisher – DC Comics

I know I’ve said this before, but I am still just so blown away by how amazing Batman Superman has turned out to be! Normally, Stories with Batman and Superman always end up giving is that same I’m dark and I’m light battle between the two characters but with this series, Josh Williamson has been able to really dissect the differences between the two characters and give us a deeper relationship between the two while bringing out the best in both of them to make the perfect team against the Batman Who Laughs.

Batman Superman #5 does not waste any time at all taking is back to the battle at the fortress of solitude between Batman and Superman and the now fully assembled Sinister Six that was revealed during the last issue. We now know that the six consist of Shazam, Hawkman, Commissioner Gordon, Blue Beetle, Donna Troy, and Supergirl. Normally this group of heroes would be almost unstoppable under normal circumstances but now add the fact that the Batman Who Laughs has infected them all and you get an unthinkable amount of power and the only two who can stop them is the team of Batman and Superman which normally we would think would be good enough, but the Batman Who Laughs is Bruce Wayne from another universe, so he is able to tap himself and he has already defeated his Superman and the rest of the Justice League on his own planet. This makes a huge challenge for our heroes, but also makes for one amazing story! The action does not stop the entire issue and we see our heroes finally get an advantage in the fight, but we learn it might not have been an advantage at all. Williamson has just been writing pure magic in all five issues so far and I am so excited to see what he has up his sleeve for the rest of the series which he has confirmed will be continuing on into next year.

When you have a series with an amazing story, you need an amazing artist to bring it to life and DC has made sure to do so with the amazing art talent of David Marquez. Marquez not only has done an amazing job bringing previous characters like the Batman Who Laughs over into his own work but has done a beautiful job creating his own character designs. Sticking with a simple gray suit Batman and classic Superman actually works amazingly well with this series. I actually prefer the more classic look of the heroes in stories like this. It makes everything more believable in a way. Even though the designs are simple, they are amazingly detailed at the same time and Marquez shows that off big time in this issue. The panel work is oerfect, and there are some amazing one- and two-pages spreads where he made sure to use up the entire space of every panel. Making the details pop and leaving nothing empty. The colors and inking are all on point as well and the colors used in this issue are vivid and bright and just remind me of the way comics should look. Overall pleasing to the eyes and truly bring the story to life right in front of us.
Batman Superman #5 is one of the best issues to be released in the series and I am so glad the creative team keeps finding ways to keep is readers excited and engaged in it. Sometimes with series like this there will be a few issues where things slow down and we kind of loose interest, but Josh Williamson has made sure to not skip a beat at all and give us five issues of pure nostalgia. Batman Superman #5 is available today so please go to your local Comic shop and pick it up asap!

--Wes Greer

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