Justice League #37 review

by Wes Greer on December 04, 2019

Justice League #37
Writer – Scott Snyder
Art – Jorge Jimenez
Colors – Alejandro Sanchez
Letters Tom Napolitano
Man, the last few issues of Justice League have been so much fun to read. There’s been a lot of action, doom, and gloom and tons of exciting surprises that only Scott Snyder himself could have thought of to entertain us. It’s been so much fun reading these issues and reviewing them, that it is the title I look most forward too when my review list comes out. It’s going to be a very sad day when the last issue Snyder writes comes out because I have enjoyed it so much. Hopefully the next writer keeps the same pace, and doesn’t knock the League back down to its previous mediocre status. 

Justice League #37 starts off in the middle of the battle we saw in the end of the last issue, where we were totally surprised when Batman turned the Hall of Justice into a freaking robot and went to battle against Lex Luthor, while the rest of the League scrambled to connect and use the last trick they had up their sleeve. This issue is so upbeat the entire time, and it takes us across  the multiverse again, but Snyder does a great job keeping everything neat and in a smooth transition so we don’t get lost in all the events. Everything flows together smoothly, and in this issue we finally see the league get a win in the battle against Doom. Its not over yet, but the heroes finally get some momentum and the very last page of this issue will get you pumped to see what’s coming next!

The art in this issue is probably some of the best art I e ever seen done from Jorge Jimenez. The character designs are perfect and flawless as is always the case from Jimenez, but this issue includes a lot of really amazing panel work as well. The first two pages are two different spreads. The first of which is the Doom army, with the second being the League army. The two pages are meant to look like the two sides charging each other, and honestly it’s the coolest damn thing I’ve seen in a comic in awhile. I would love to get my hands on the original art because it’s that awesome! Every aspect of the art of beautiful in this issue including colors and inks as well as the artwork itself. There are very vibrant colors used as well a lot of darks that really help set the tone of the battle in the story and the entire creative team did top notch work bringing this amazing story to life! This is easily one of the top, if not the best creative team working at DC currently.

Justice League is truly a series that has come out of no where to become one of my favorite series of all time. I shouldn’t be surprised beings that I don’t think there is one thing Scott Snyder has worked on that I didn’t fall in love with but in my experience you can’t put all your eggs in one writers basket. However, I will say that Snyder has been the exception so far to this. Jorge Jimenez has also been a key part in this series in bringing the world Snyder has imagined to life and I don’t think there is a better artist out there to do so other then Greg Capullo himself. This issue is my favorite so far in the Doom/Justice War, and I can not wait to see how Snyder and team finish out the run of this amazing story. Justice League #37 is available in stores today, so get off your computer or phone now and get to your local comic shop!

-Wes Greer 

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