Lady Killer #2 (of 5)

by Vannary Sok on February 04, 2015

Writer(s): Joëlle Jones & Jamie S. Rich
Artist: Joëlle Jones
Colourist: Laura Allred
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Anyone who can fight in heels should be feared and writers Joelle Jones and Jamie S. Rich make that very apparent in the second installment of “Lady Killer”, reminding us on how incredibly deadly and capable their leading lady, Josie Schuller, can be.

The second issue of “Lady Killer” offers readers the same type of delights that issue one had but dives a little further into how complicated Josie’s life is. We finally get a small glimpse into the organization she works for. This is where the struggle between balancing her family life and work become real for readers. Despite all of these dangers and conflicts being afflicted on her, Josie still remains cool and confident. It makes you wonder, how much longer can she keep on top of it all? Jones and Rich keep Josie’s dialogue to a minimum in this issue, which plays up the completely in control demeanor she displays. By doing so, we are drawn to and rely on her subtle facial expressions, her fierce eyes and her body language all illustrated beautifully by Jones. Collectively, they tell a whole lot and make Josie a visually compelling character.

“Lady Killer” is a visual feast which pulls you instantly into its gritty, vicious and excitingly colourful world. Issue two does not fall short in showcasing the abilities of artist Joëlle Jones. She has a gift for paying great attention to detail and creating perfectly clean lines. This combined with the pastel colours provided by the equally talented Laura Allred embodies the distinct styles and flavor of the 50’s-early 60’s – full-skirt, bust emphasis, cinched waist silhouettes and sharp suits. Every issue so far is an exciting peek into the fabulous attire Josie owns. Jones can also draw a hell of a fight scene. In this issue, every panel hits hard and makes you feel invested. It’s utterly indulgent.

Issue two continues to build on the momentum of the first and it suggests that the series will take a much darker turn – a turn I highly recommend for everyone to follow.

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