100th Anniversary Special X-Men #1

by Tori B. on July 18, 2014

It’s the year 2061, Scott Summers’ mutant movement has pushed him forward into the political spotlight—now he has his best chance to bring Xavier’s dream to life. As president of the United States he might just be able to bring peace and equality for all, despite genetic mutations, or lack thereof.
Writer: Robin Furth
Artists: Jason Masters, James Campbell, & Vero Gandini
Cover: Jason Latour
Publisher: Marvel
There’s nothing more fitting for an X-Men special issue, like some good time traveling, alternate universe sort of story. So what we’re given for the Marvel 100th Anniversary Special is a story that shows us Scott’s future in which despite being on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s list of terrorists, he somehow stumbles through and manages to bring the good fight back to the X-Men and for all his hard work he’s rewarded with the biggest responsibility of all, he’s now the president. But his good luck doesn’t just end there, on the eve of his inauguration he also manages to tie the knot with long time on-again, off-again, girlfriend Emma Frost.
The first half of the issue is a solid 8/10, and really strong for anyone who’s a fan of the current X-Men runs (though fans of the classic X-Men will get a little taste of the old Hellfire Club when Sebastian Shaw interacts with Emma), to see the younger members grow more into themselves and develop a really tight team dynamic with one another. And for a brief moment it’s a one big happy family sort of story, everyone’s made their peace with one another, they all believe in each other, they’re making jokes with one another, and of course it’s way to nice to last. This is the X-Men we’re dealing with after all.
…Which is where this story takes a major downhill turn. Sure a story needs a climactic twist, but X-Man fans aren’t idiots, and didn’t deserve such a fruitless story. Emma goes missing, and in Scott’s attempts to find his wife and make sure she’s safe, pretty much everything he’s worked on to achieve for peace goes awry. Even this is almost acceptable, except for the fact that to anyone who’s familiar with an X-Men story and understands certain relationships, and certain characters, can already deride what may have happened to Emma and the ending only confirms what most readers have inferred already, in the most inane manner possible.
If they think that the ending was a happy ending for the X-Men, they have severely underestimated what’s been happening to the X-Men and the idea of moving forward and taking risks that haven’t yet been taking as opposed to clinging to the past like a toxic ex. It was a lazy and unnecessary ending that no fan deserved to be receiving—in fact it felt nearly insulting, essentially stripping away years of character building and dynamic, not to mention that it makes a jab that Scott’s current path is destined to be one of destruction, while it certainly looks grim and present time, grim isn’t what fans always want to read. This was meant to be a special, some fans were maybe even optimistic for a celebration of sorts perhaps.
It is a huge disappointment in story that is only made up for in art. Masters’ renderings of what each character looks like in the future looks pretty badass. Scott without his visor, Wolverine sans his left eye (again) and sporting a regal top bun, Irma Cuckoo looking super punk, Emma’s flawless dress during inauguration night, and the list goes on. The story itself was hard to take in, but visually, it was incredibly pleasing to the eyes. (Of course my personal favourite piece of art to come from this is LaTour’s fantastic cover). 

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