All New X-Men #8

by Tori B. on March 06, 2013

About freaking time. I was waiting for all this craziness to finally happen. It’s no longer filler dialogue but genuinely good dialogue that moves the story and is outright entertaining.
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artists: David Marquez & Marte Gracia
Cover: Stuart Immonen & Wade von Grawbadger & Gracia | Publisher: Marvel
Remember how Bendis is usally hit and miss for me? The last two issues were sort of misses (Mystique exempted) that were kind of slow moving with a lot of talking that couldn’t really hold too much interest except for a few distinctive panels. This issue on the other hand has been a hit. It was captivating from the first page all the way to the end. It wasn’t merely filler but substantial plot and character development happened which served as a succinct reminder as why I continue to invest into this series. Bravo. (This is how Bendis always does it for me, just when I think I’ll drop a series; he comes out with something outstanding reminding me that I actually do appreciate his work). But I digress.
I’ve actually been grousing for this issue for a while now, wondering when on Earth we’d see past-Warren confront his present-self, because despite Jean having to deal with dying a million times, Warren clearly has it the worst because I swear no one has gone through the insanity that Angel has gone through. This is how I know Bendis is a master of his craft, he almost made me like the new Angel. Almost. I love young First Class-Angel far too much to really let myself like whoever the hell he is now, but Bendis almost made that happen.
Also there’s some nice action happening with some solid artwork and paneling from Marquez. Naturally, considering the Avengers make a fine appearance, and of course they’re the reason for all the ruckus.
But it’s really the focus on Warren that really hits it home for me. His reaction is one of the most emotionally moving (and quite possibly realistic—maybe for me because I’d want to go home too and instead my stupid, crazy friends won’t let me), and I’m fairly sure he’s got one of the toughest (and most whacked out) futures ahead of him; it doesn’t help that while all his friends are made of more of a leadership role than him, they’re mentally much better prepared to face what might be thrown their way—see past-Scott Summers confronting Captain America in what I deem one of the sweetest (endearing) moments of this issue. Plus what happens to Warren at the end of the issue is infuriating beyond belief (to which I once again applaud Bendis for evoking such strong emotion from me).
It’s not all just emotional games though, that’s no fun. There is a fantastic moment in which both Kitty and Bobby imitate a conversation between Captain America and Beast. This makes the issue worth the pick up alone, I swear. But there is a lot of other really great stuff put into this issue and it couldn’t have had better timing on its release. For someone who normally gets pretty hung up on the X-Men, it’s nice to have those emotions evoked again.

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