Hellboy volume 5: Conqueror Worm

by stephengervais on April 04, 2012

Volume 5 has Hellboy and his team travel to a castle in Austria where Nazis conducted paranormal scientific experiments during the Second World War. The gang must battle undead Nazis, space aliens and deal with a returning space capsule which was launched from the castle in 1939. This volume also contains the first appearance of one my favorites, Lobster Johnson.

Written and drawn by Mike Mignola this is definitely one of the top Hellboy stories so far. The story itself has so many surprises throughout you can’t turn the page fast enough to see what happens. The problem with this is you don’t want to read it to fast or you’ll miss out on some remarkable artwork.

This is one of my personal favorite Hellboy stories. Not only do we get a frightening tale and Mignola’s signature dark and gothic artwork but we also learn more about the bureau’s integrity and a bombshell announcement at the end. Volume 5 is a great read which I highly recommend.

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