by stephengervais on July 24, 2014

Writer: James Stokoe
Artist: James Stokoe
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Imagine your favorite superheroes 100 years after they were created. How much will they and their world have changed? That’s the idea behind Marvel’s latest series dubbed 100th Anniversary Specials. Normally I’m not one for the various annuals and specials Marvel puts out. As I mentioned in my Spinner Picks I just don’t find them all that satisfying. All that changed this week when I saw the creator behind The Avengers 100th Anniversary Special. One of my favorite artist...James Stokoe! His worlds are always weird and kooky with a ton of detail in each and every panel. This issue proved to be no exception.
Since the Avengers debuted in 1963 I take it this story takes place in 2063 and let me tell you a lot has changed! The Avengers now consist of Rogue, Dr. Strange, Beta Ray Bill, and Tony Stark’s brain and they world they live in is pure wacky fun. The story itself isn’t all that off from a typical Avengers plot of good fighting evil but the high energy and joyful way it’s presented gives it such a unique reading experience. The issue opens with an introduction to the team and an insanely breathtaking double spread of the city. After some character development and more incredible artwork the action really picks up when two street cleaners are attacked by the antagonist of the story and his minions. The ensuing battle scenes are absolutely amazing. I’ve flipped through this comic and just stared at the panels at least 10 times in the last 2 days! There is just so much detail throughout the entire issue. I must say the battle frog scenes are my favorite!
It was a fun touch to have the editor’s notes sprinkled throughout the issue referencing events from past issues that obviously don’t exist. It made me wish they did! I got the same yearning on the last page upon reading the caption for the “next issue”. I didn’t want the fun to end!
Not only was this issue an eyeball dazzler but it also delivered a super fun story. Stokoe’s art was the main draw for me but it was the storyline that made me crave a second issue. He took a common superhero concept but managed to put a unique spin on it with quite the unexpected ending. 

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