Bounty Hunters #3 Review

by Ellie J. on June 24, 2020

Author: Ethan Sacks
Artist: Paolo Villanelli
Colorist: Arif Prianto
Letterer: Travis Lanham

It's been so long! While other comic series have been getting back to their regular publishing schedule since the pandemic shut down the whole comics industry, Star Wars has been taking it's sweet time with theirs, and that unfortunately had a bit of an effect on this series. With the previous issues, I really enjoyed the intrigue of its really complex plot. But now... it's been several months, and I barely remember what happened. This is probably just a side effect of comic arcs being told through single issues instead of being released all at once, but the issue seems stronger here. I think this series would be a lot more enjoyable read in full arcs, where it's easier to follow. 

But all my complaints about that aside, let's get into the new issue. To briefly recap the previous issues, Nakano Lash has resurfaced after years of being in hiding. She betrayed her last crew, and they're out for revenge. That crew includes both familiar and unfamiliar faces: Boba Fett, Bossk, Beilert Valance, T'onga, and so many more. Everyone is racing to find her and claim the bounty on her first. This issue continues to set up everyone's motivations for wanting to find her by using flashbacks every few pages.

That's where I started to feel the confusion I mentioned at the start of this review. It seems like every other page is introducing some new character out to find Lash, or introducing some new complication to the hunt. Maybe if the story was structured different it'd be easier to follow, but it's not. I'm interested in learning about Lash and her relationship with Valance, but Valance, the main character of this series, barely even appears in the issue! I think the problem is that it's trying to tell a story that's way too complex for a comic book series, there's just not enough room in one 20-page issue for us to really get to know these new characters.

I am enjoying Lash's story, it seems like she has some connection to the Force, considering she was hiding on Ruusan of all places, which was a cool connection. Besides her, the only other character's story I find myself invested in  is Valance's. I'm really hoping that the story picks up in the next couple issues, considering the first arc is already halfway over. But enough about the story. I may be conflicted on that, but the rest of the issue is top-tier. Paolo Villanelli's art is SO. GOOD. I really enjoyed his work on Lando: Double or Nothing, but this is something else. His art on the Bossk vs. Valance fight is so fluid and dynamic, for example. And the rest of the art team did an amazing job too. Even if I'm not super-into the story yet, I can't get enough of the visuals. That's about it for this issue; the next won't be out until.... August 19th.

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