Wolverine #11 Review

by Ryan.L on April 15, 2021

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Penciler: Scot Eaton
Inker: JP Mayer
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Wolverine continues to go up against the Vampire clan.
Wow that cover! That is one of the best covers I have seen in a while. It’s so bold and engaging, while really getting you excited for this issue. It’s a shame that the interior story doesn’t live up to the explosiveness of the cover.
Now I’m not saying this was a bad issue, not at all. I’m just finding the energy expressed through the cover was definitely missing in the interiors. The story was slow moving, and was what we have come to expect from this series. Even the surprise reveal in the third part of the issue didn’t even come off as a surprise. It was easily telegraphed earlier. Though the story was still overall entertaining. It’s nice to see the book continue this story that began several issues ago.
I did find myself wondering where Blade was in all of this. This story feels very much like it would be better served in his series than Wolverines. Or at least a cameo of Blade would be expected. Maybe that’s the creative teams plan. Though a lot of the story is very much what we would expect, they didn’t want to do the obvious by bringing Blade in. It could still happen, and I am actually finding myself hoping that will be the case.
The art in this book has the gritty look and feel to it that the series has had from the start. Again this is what we have come to expect from this series, but this time it’s a very positive expectancy.
Overall even though this book continues to deliver everything I expect, I can’t help but find myself enjoying it. I love Omega Red and it’s great to see more of him. This still remains one of the better Wolverine series I’ve read.

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