New Mutants #16 Review

by Ryan.L on February 24, 2021

Writer: Vita Ayala
Artist: Rod Reis
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The New Mutants continue to train and mentor the youth of Krakoa.

I'm not sure if I'm a fan of this issue or not. In modern day comics they generally follow a story arc formula. We get one main story plot and maybe a few open ended threads that can be picked up on later in future arcs. In older comics, especially in the 1970s and 1980s one issue could have multiple stories plots going on. This issue really seemed to follow the older format. There was so much going on and it felt a little jumbled at times. I still enjoyed most of the stories jammed into this issue, but I almost would have preferred its focus to be on one main plot.

Also since Vita Ayala has taken over some of the characters don't quite feel like themselves. Magik seems a bit off and also Wolfsbane. I totally understand writing accents is not easy. But that's a big part of Wolfsbane's character. Not having her speak with her thick Scottish accent and then also having several issues now where she just cries and runs around helpless is frustrating. We know she's a lot stronger than Ayala is presenting her to us.

But with those problems there are several areas where I have to give Ayala props. Especially in this issue Ayala really dives into themes of mental health and bullying without coming across and preaching. It's so organically woven into this story and for that I definitely have to give props.

The Shadow King is definitely up to something and I'm loving that part of this series as well. This issue we got to see a bit more behind the curtain but it definitely wasn't enough. I hope we get more of a focus on what he's up to soon.

Where this issue truly shines is in the art. This book was so stunning to look at. I loved the change in style and look in the different parts of Otherworld. It really made the issue more captivating.

Overall while this issue had its problems and seemed a bit jumbled, for the most part it was a really good read with some beautiful moments. Also what is the Shadow King up too!??

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